A Cultural Guide for Dreamers, Dreams and Dreaming

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Dreams have inhabited the nights and minds of our ancestors. We can imagine the mind over the last five thousand years, and can think of this time as 250 generations (20 years for each new generation), each generation renewing nightly our human dilemmas. Dream Vision has been the driving force for making and crafting the mind and history. Dreams have motivated innumerable political and religious leaders, scientists, artists, inventors, and poets. Dream Vision has always provided a plot device, a door, a window, a path for understanding the mysteries of the mind and humanities relationship to the nature of the universe. A characteristic of them makes the narrator of the story fall asleep and dream. In them, the narrator meets a guide. When I collected the dreams of many people, it became evident that all dreams represent life journeys that require a guide.

The dream has always found durable employment in religion, politics, literature, the visual arts, film, music, and science. The human cosmos has strived towards artistic sublimation and interpretive order. With what Samuel Taylor Coleridge first called “suspension of disbelief,” you may enter Dream Vision. Every night, suspension of disbelief allows fiction to become reality.

The daily tide of dreams and dreaming amounts to about 25-billion dreams (an average of four dreams a day, multiplied by 6.6 billion people.) Yearly, that amounts to potentially 9-trillion dreams, an ocean of dreams populated with dramatic creatures and dreamscapes. If we were able to screen these dreams in the right focus, we would understand ourselves and the world better.

This book is a guide to Dream Vision, the soul of Western civilization. In it, we’ll revisit the philosophical visions that began with the Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and the visions found in the literature, art, science, the Bible and the Koran. As if we were watching a film in a cave, we’ll watch how culture unfolds in dreams. Referring to a dream, people always ask, “What does it mean?” What I call Dream Vision is the enduring quest to answer perennial philosophical questions. Mysteries of the Dream in the Global Village provides answers to these perennial questions.

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