Moonstruck in South Africa

Lynn, 16 South African teenager

Last night I had a dream I don't remember the whole entire thing but the part if it that sticks out and that I'm fascinated with is that I dreamt I was with my cousin who in real life doesn't exist but in my dream he was here from Australia for one day. I was outside school. It was the first time I ever met him and I thought he was really good looking.

I looked up at the sky and there I saw two full moons right next to each other I was surprised and amazed to see this so I pointed it out to him he reassured me that they were planets, cos "tonight is the night all the planets come up". When I looked up there were a couple moons and some were full and some half and some ¾ moons and then there were meteorite showers and it was beautiful but it lasted a short time.

Does this have any significance, because I've been waiting for some sort of sign from God?

Mr Hagen's Reply: Starstruck Lovers -or- That's Amore

The film Moonstruck (see video trailer) uses the metaphor of the moon as a plot device to advance the story. Your dream seems very "Jungian". Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychologist who had a spiritual bent. His psychology is known as "archetypal psychology", you can usually find his books or books about him at most larger libraries. There are also numerous Jungian websites on the web. The signature theme song of Moonstruck is That's Amore.

The various phases of moons, points to women's dream patterns following their menstrual cycle. Patricia Garfield Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams provides a great deal of insightful information about this point. The cousin who in real life does not exist, may be archetypal personification of what Jung called your "animus", this is the masculine primal image in your personality. In this sense you may be "starstruck" by boys, however beware their intentions are not always purely spiritual, I'm sure you know what I mean. A film that presents this Jungian type boy meets girl storyline is the romantic comedy Serendipity (see movie trailer). 

You are beginning to define the terms romance, love, beauty, attraction which are being shaped by the utopian images and feelings in your dreams. Unfortunately love, even the love of God (which the ancient Greeks called "agape") is fleeting (just like the meteorite showers in your dream, which only lasted a short time). Love and beauty go hand in hand. In the boy gets girl film Moonstruck the soon to be lovers go to the opera to see La Boeheme (see film trailer of the opera scene) that features a scene in the Puccini opera where lovers speak in the moonlight of a tragic love. The aesthetic value and philosophy of loving can never be underestimated. However, the external looks of men and women are poor indicators of a person's inner self and therefore looks can be deceptive as they relate to love. I hope you find your Prince Charming, just beware of attractive frogs.



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