City of Angels -or- Unshaken Faith

Ellen, 37

I'm standing on a platform looking out and I know that i looking at something that is going to happen there is a bridge that is broken and falling apart and i feel very afraid of what the has happened. I look down into the water of a very dark river and there are red streaks running through it and i hear the voices of sirens telling me to come to them they will take me to my guardian angel. I jump into the water and they pull me down all the while telling me that my angel wont come. I keep tell them that he will and the next thing i know is he is there with a small a child in his arms and he lifts me up into the sun and saves me. I then feel a great amount of love surround me. Thats it i wake up.

Mr Hagen's Reply: In the Arms of an Angel

While I would need your personal associations to this dream for a more accurate understanding, however a number of themes jump out of the page when reading your dream. The sirens in the water are mythological creatures dating back to Homer and the ancient Greeks. The concept of a guardian angel, was commonplace to ancient Greek philosophy. In both the Old as well as the New testament this archetypal idea of someone watching over us has endured. You appear to be saying (in your dream) that in the face of temptation and adversity, you will not allow your faith to be pulled down, shaken.

From a modern popular culture perspective the film City of Angels features an angel meets girl plotline. The angel Seth (Nicholas Cage) becomes preoccupied with Maggie Rice (Meg Ryan), a surgeon who has lost her patient on the operating table. Seth allows himself to be seen by Maggie and tries to console her grief and answer her resulting questions about the forces governing life and death. The theme song In the Arms of an Angel sung by Sara McLachlan (see music video) seems to convey the sentiment of your dream.


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