Remembering the MV Princess of the Stars

Gina, 29

I am always dreaming that my brother is alive and will come home soon. He always tells me in my dream that he is alive and he is on an brother was one of the victims of the Philippine ferry tragedy last June 21, 2008. We already found his body, but unfortunately we did not see him because he was already in the stage of decomposition and the authorities did not allow us to see his body as it was already sealed. Please help me interpret my dream

Mr Hagen's Reply: Tragic Loss June 21, 2008: The MV Princess of the Stars

We live in a world where so much touches us in our daily lives. The media reports about the earthquake victims in Haiti, the ecological disaster in the Gulf (caused by the BP oil spill), the flooding and death toll in Pakistan, the war in Afganistan. For you the loss of your brother has touched you directly.

I'm sure that many still to this day (especially those that also suffered a loss) can sympathize with your feelings of loss and with your dreams. In your dream your brother has survived the tragedy and is alive. You are clinging to hope where evidently there is none. The reason for this hope is that you weren't allowed to see your brothers' body. The ideas of John Bowlby Attachment, Separation and Loss provides insight into understanding your feelings and your dream. You still have not completely grieved the loss of your brothers' tragic passing.

Recently, I was told by a mother who lost her child in hospital, (because it was very premature) that she was thankful that the doctor showed her the dead child, because it brought closure to her mind.

In one sense your brother is still alive in your memory, you honor him as long as you keep his memory alive. Other dreams reported to the International Institute for Dream Research that memorialize the Oklahoma City BombingGriefwork -or- Digging for Answers and The Vimy Ridge Memorial are in some ways similar to yours, in that they all grieve the loss of loved ones. From a popular music and film culture perspective the story of the sinking of the Titanic (read about it in IIDR interpretation) has also been memorialized. Gordon Lightfoot lamented the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald and its crew in his song The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (listen to music video).

I hope these thoughts are of some help.

Mark H.


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