America’s Most Wanted –or- Kidnapping of Caylee Anthony

I was myself. I could tell this was within a year to three years into the future. It was mostly about the missing girl, Caylee Anthony.

I entered a small white room that had a desk with unopened letters covering its surface. On the back, left corner of it I had 2 picture frames on it, both with pictures of Caylee in them. As I entered the room I heard noises coming from one of the frames, kind of like at a receiving end of a walkie-talkie. I frantically moved the mess of letters out of the way and picked up the frame. I heard Caylee's voice asking for mommy.

I pretended I was her mom so to keep her talking. She told me she was okay and that she hasn't been out much. So I started asking mommy questions, one of the first being "tell mommy again what your favorite color is." Caylee told me purple and continued to elaborate on it. I don't remember what she was saying; I was too busy thinking about what else to ask her, how to keep her talking, and how I could find her. I gave a little blonde girl (I suppose I was babysitting) the picture frame so she could keep her talking.

I went into another room where I found a stuffed teddy bear thing (without a face), about the length of my forearm and a peach or light pink color. I heard noises coming from it where I found it in a black garbage can. Also sounded like the receiving end of a walkie-talkie. It was another little girl speaking to me. I don't remember what she was saying to me, but seemed to be a similar situation. While I was pacing around the house with it resting on my forearm then it fell off my arm, and became more life like; a light surrounded it and its arms and legs started moving.

I went into this white room with a huge slide and glass door behind it where the little girl I was babysitting was talking to Caylee, sitting on the floor elbows on a coffee table. Suddenly the little girl fell back, dropped the frame, and started convulsing, only it was her chest that was rising, and a light was coming from behind her. I ran to her screaming and fell to my knees.

I wake up.

Mr Hagen's Reply; Our Children's Dreams -or- Kidnapping Nightmare

First I would like to provide a framework, some background information that relates children's dreams to your dream.

Patricia Garfield Your Child's Dreams reports; " A staggering 1.8 million children in America are reported missing each year---nearly 5,000 a day." Garfield tells us about the feelings that children having kidnapping dreams experience. One case that I have had in my practice, involved a child (age 7) who would not leave her mother's side. When the mother came into therapy with the child, I asked the child why she needed to always stay with her mother? The child replied; "I don't know", and looked at her mother.

I asked the child if she could play in the play room for a while? The child said OK. I took her there and told her if she needed to come see mommy she could come back and knock on the door.

Returning to the child's mother, the mother disclosed that she was abused at the same age that her daughter was now. The mother's fear and anxieties were triggered by a national story involving a sexual predator in the area. I explained that the child's behaviour was a consequence of the anxieties that she (the mother) was projecting. The mother was non-verbally inducing these fears into the child. In this case I did not need to resort to dream information to understand the situation, the nightmare of the fear of kidnapping and abuse was in plain sight to see. In a follow up session two weeks later, the child was again doing all the things that she was doing before.

Garfield provides sensitive caring information about how to help children who have had these dreams/nightmares and have been kidnapped in reality.

To your dream, while every child's murder is a heinous crime, you seem to identify with the case of Caylee Anthony. Your dream reminds me of the TV show Mediuma mother who is able to talk to the dead, see future events and have dreams that help to solve crimes.




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