What Happens Next -or- Back to the Future

Gord, 38

I know what my dreams mean. I also see the future in my dreams. Only my future, not a global future. I see days ahead. sometimes i will not see the future in my dreams at all. Sometimes it happens alot. Even when i have a dream of the future, i think there is no way that this could happen. But it does. Its not major events i see, just small things. For example last week in one of my dreams I saw people dressed in fancy dress walking past my window on the street below. I live on a secluded road. These things just don't happen on my road. 2 days later, it happened. Should i be trying to change what my dreams show me? I dont know. But i do know there is much more to dreams than people think.

Mr Hagen's Reply; Back to the Future -or- What is Your Future?

The belief that the dream can foretell the future is as old as the Bible. The ancient Greeks also believed some dreams were premonitions of the coming of future events. Socrates was informed via a dream that he would be given the death sentence (read interpretation posted at the IIDR website).

Your dream has some similarities to the film Next (see film trailer) featuring a small time Las Vegas magician Chris Johnson (Nicholas Cage) who has the ability to see his future. Johnson pursues a romantic relationship, which he has seen as part of his future, while also becoming involved with the FBI who wants him to use his powers, to stop nuclear terrorism.

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