Retirement -or- Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is

Paul, 65 American 

I have always been one to not remember my dreams when I wake up. However in the past few weeks have had four dreams which I clearly remember and all have a similar theme. Just so that you know, I am about to retire. 

  • In the first one I have the keys to my company car but can not find the vehicle when I go out to the lot.
  • The second dream is similar however reversed the vehicle is on the lot but I can not find the keys this time.
  • The third is also job related. I am unable to find important job related paperwork that has to be turned in.
  • And the last one again I'm at work but this time can not find my work shoe's. 

In all four dreams there are co-workers however there are a number of family, friends and even a good friend who passed away ten years ago. 

Mr Hagen's Reply; Retirement -or- Friends, Family and Co-workers 

Your dreams seem to be about your retirement, one day soon you will have to hand in your car keys, and attempting to delay handing in job related paperwork because you can't find it, is delaying the inevitable. You seem unprepared for retirement? From the background information that you provided your motives are not of a financial nature. Your pension will pay for your needs.

You evidently are uncertain, in the sense that your don't know what to do with your time. You will need to find a new chronlogical structure, to replace the old one that has provided you with a stable social and vocational framework for so many years. You evidently have a need to still feel productive in society and appear not quite ready for the rocking chair. Friends, family and co-workers are your support network to hopefully make the transition that is coming. Finding a new way to structure your time will be the key to your transition. Waisting time and procrastinating now is un-productive. Perhaps part-time work, or giving back to the community in some form of volunteering might be of interest? I know a number of people who are retired and work at golf courses in the summers for example.

From a popular music perspective Chicago's Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is? fits the sentiment of your dreams.

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