Heroes -or- Flatland

Anne, 48 English

I have had several CVA's in the sensory perception area of my brain since 2003 and since then I have, almost every time I sleep, dreams that not only can i fly but can go through walls, windows, all solid objects, (like on Heroes but was doing it in dreams before programme was made)and can even 'hide' in the wall structures to escape detection. I am fully aware of dreaming but cannot control where I fly and so just go with the flow. The landscape is realistic but enhanced.  I have, on occassion, gone into the sea and experienced exhaultation at the pleasure of it.  I am not escaping anything and am aware of pleasure when I realise I am flying and a sense of anticipation of adventure and regret it can't happen in 'real life'.  

Mr Hagen's Reply; 4-D Dreaming -or- More Adventures in Dreaming

The fact that you can fly, go through walls, solid objects and hide in such structures to evade detection appears to be an exciting prospect. Much as in the early TV show The Twilight Zone  which defined the telling of such stories, Heroes tells us that there are powers which humans have that they are only dimly aware of. Some would consider these shows as escapist entertainment. Other dreams received by the International Institute for Dream Research such as Lucid Dreams and Altered States speak of somewhat similar experiences as your own.

There is a scientific explanation for the phenomena that you are experiencing. In 1898 a book was published by Edwin Abbott Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions in which one of the geometric figures which inhabits flatland dreams about the nature and experience of higher dimensions. Most humans believe that they live in a three dimensional space that is separate from the dimension of time. Einstein has shown that we in fact live in space-time or a 4-D universe. It has even been postulated that there are more dimensions, noone knows for sure how many. A person that exists in a 4-D universe can do exactly what you are saying you can do in your dream. Carl Sagan (clink on link to view video) explains this intriquing idea of Flatland and a 4-D universe. Our dreaming mind apparently has access to this 4-D universe. For a good read, the physicist Fred Alan Wolf has published The Dreaming Universe: A MInd Expanding Journey into the Realm where Psyche and Physis Meet.

Hope this provides insight,

Mark H

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