May the Force be with You -or- Tantric Dream Telepathy

Anne, 19 University student

I was running together with a friend from university down a residential street that seemed familiar. We were holding hands and I had this feeling of excitement. Next, I was in a room with the same friend and we were sitting in a yoga sort of way facing each other. Then we are both meditating, holding both hands to form a sort of circle. Energy began flowing and circulating through our hands arms and bodies. This went on for a few minutes. We said nothing, I could feel his energy and he could feel mine. I woke up feeling happy. What does it mean?

Mr Hagen's Response;

Do you practice yoga? Was the friend male or female?

Anne's Response;

I have recently taken a course on yoga, it helps me relax. The friend was a guy.

Mr Hagen's Response; Dream Yoga and Breathing -or- Tantric Sex?

There are a number of ways to read your dream. From a Western philosophical perspective Henri Bergson Creative Evolution coined the concept elan vital. Poetically, elan vital is described as the "current of life". The Star Wars film franchise turned the concept into the all pervasive universal field of "the force". 

Since you have some knowledge of Eastern philosophy and meditative practices, via your yoga course, what you may be experiencing and learning is dream yoga. From a tantric perspective, the energy flowing through your bodies is prana. From this perspective what you are having is a mystical experience, a union of your two dream bodies. It has been called tantric sex, however I believe the term (tantric sex) does not accurately describe the mystical side of experience. It is more like "shared intimacy", where the sense of one's being alone in the universe disappears and one makes an empathic connection to another person's mind and body. You could imagine the dream as something out of Star Trek, the telepathic Vulcan mind meld.

From a more conventional psychological perspective, using the work of John Bowlby Attachment, Separation and Loss to explain your dream, you have made a connection, an attachment, an empathic bond with your friend on an unconscious level. The dream that you have shared will most likely have a lasting psychological effect on your memory. You will most likely feel this attachment to him for your whole life no matter where or who you are with. This man will always be your friend, even if he may not your be lover. Faith Hill's "Breathe" fits the sentiment of your dream.

Hope this provides some insight,

Mark H


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