Fellini, Picasso and the Archetypes of Creativity

Costanzo Constantini (ed) Conversations with Fellini asked the Italian film director Federico Fellini; What painters do you admire the most?

 "...the artist I admire the most, to the extent that I have dreamed about his work many times, is Picasso. For me he is the symbol, the archetype, the demiurge of creativity. I've dreamed about him four times, always in a moment of crisis. One time I dreamed that I found myself in a menacing, emerald-green sea under a stormy sky when I noticed someone swimming in front of me with vigorous strokes. All at once he turned around and I saw that it was Picasso. That dream has stayed with me a long time, like the echo of a note. Another time, I remember that I was struggling with the opening of The Voyage of G. Mastorna and I dreamed that I was in Picasso's house: the artist was in the kitchen and talked to me nonstop all through the night. When I awoke I felt myself bathed in a horizon of light. Why did I dream of Picasso? Because he is the artist with whom I would most like to identify myself."

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