The Vagina Monologues –or- You Can Ring My Bell

Eve 27

I have this recurrent dream;

I am talking to some one in my office when another employee comes in (it is usually someone different everytime) when the X employee comes in and kisses me! I freak out because another one of my employees who is related to my boyfriend is there. Everyone keeps on working as if nothing happens and X employee kisses me again but this time he pushes me with passion against the wall making his way in to my flower (vagina). I try to fight it for I feel guilty but finally I surrender to his touch. Another one of my employees which is a good friend of mine gasp and stands by the door way frozen as if she had just seen a ghost. I tell her not to look so surprise for she would not remember what had just happen because it was all a dream. Then I wake up feeling guilty!!!

Elie, 22

I know that I am engaged, but not sure to whom.  Later in the dream goldfish start to pour out of my vagina, and I feel disgusted.  I just want them out.  I am not near water at the time.

Gennie, 53

I am a 53 year old menopausal woman. I dreamt I was having vaginal bleeding.

Jean, 29

I dreamt that a woman whom I know, a colleague, who was giving birth to her baby. She wasn't in labour pains, neither was she screaming. I heard a voice of a man, asking me to safeguard her, and was instructed to have a cautious view of her vagina opening, waiting for the baby's crowning. Soon after a while, I saw her pushing the baby out, and the baby's head comes out, she started to stop pushing as she was busy talking to that man. I've asked her to push the baby out, and after two pushes, her baby was born right into my arms. I saw a little blood on my arm because of the baby, as I felt so joyful that this was my first time delivering a baby with my own hands, suddenly the mother stood up and cradling her baby with the Umbilical Cord still intact. The dream was very real, and I could hear her pushing the baby out, and when the baby comes out, I could hear the reaping sound of her waterbag. This is so weird. I have not had such dreams before. I'm married, and have yet to conceive. Could this be a good sign? Some says it's a linkage to death of a relative, or relating to a miscarriage of someone in the family.

Mr Hagen's Reply; The Vagina Monologues -or- My Flower

"Never date a man who knows more about your vagina than you do." Ann in the film "City of Angels" starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage.

Numerous dreams have been sent to the International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR) that use the keyword "vagina". The four dreams above speak of woman's experience of their body. The Vagina Monologues was a play written by Eve Ensler that was intended to "celebrate the vagina". We can find similarities of the dreams above received by the IIDR and the play. Other dream interpretations posted at the IIDR website such as The Kafkaesque and Mysteries of Femininity also can be viewed as steming from the same recurring archetypal women's theme.

As we see in the first dream the vagina has been given a different name, in the case of this dream, the vagina is seen and known as a "flower". Although the woman knows in her dream that she has a boyfriend, she "surrenders" to the other man's touch. After which she wakes up feeling guilty. From a popular music culture perspective Anita Ward's Ring My Bell provides a similar double entendre of hitting the right female spot.

In the second dream goldfish are coming out of the young woman's vagina, which evokes a sense of disgust. Most likely the word goldfish is a variation on the word semen. The sense of disgust finds a voice in another interpretation Anatomy of Disgust.

The third dream is about menopause. This topic has been discussed in the IIDR interpretation Menopause: Women's Bodies Women's Dreams

The fourth dream is about the birth of a child and has similarities to the Vagina Monologue I Was There In The Room.

Some further reading interest;

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