Fieldnotes of a Dream Researcher -or- Small World Experiment

Six Degrees of Separation -or- The Dream Vision Principle of Hope

I am starting a Facebook page, that will provide a "dream vision" feature, called "Fieldnotes of a Dream Researcher: 1001 Nights in the Global Village". This feature is intended to act much like the 1001 Arabian Nights Tales, reflecting the ongoing dark nightmaric dream patterns of hatred, prejudice, violence, fear and social problems that cause so much destructiveness and havoc on our planet everyday. Although fictional, 1001 Nights turned and transformed hatred into love and peace. As long as our nightly dreams are filled with stories of hatred, prejudice and violence, peace and love will never be within our reach.  In the next 1001 Nights, I intend to provide you the reader with what is scientifically known as the grand unified theory of the philosophy of nature and culture, as seen through the social optics of our collective dream work patterns.

You can follow 1001 Nights at facebook and Twitter (1001 dream quotes). At the end of this introduction, you can read the ongoing posts.

Via the internet, we are increasingly being shown that we are all interconnected on our planet. The Small World Experiment  researched by Stanley Milgram, showed that on the average we are connected through social networks to each other by six degrees of separation. Milgram's experiment can be applied to our nightly dreams and dreaming. I hope you will join me over the next 1001 Nights in search of a dream where the paths and connections to each other are loving and peaceful. Join me in the conversation on my Facebook page (accessable via Facebook icon at the website).

People collect stamps or coins, others collect art, antiques or books, some collect guns and classic cars, some trophies, perhaps some even collect friends. My own personal taste for the objet d'art has been collecting dreams for the purpose of dream research (oneirology). For well over 30 years, I have collected dreams, experimented with dreams and carried out basic research about the nature of dreams to promote understanding of what it means to be a human being. My formal field work began long ago on a non-descript November 11, 1977 day in Zurich, Switzerland. In the memorialized pages that follow, I will provide you the reader with my tales, experiences, memories, thoughts, feelings and dreams. I will embark with you (the reader) on a journey through the everyday personal life perspective of people dreaming (including myself) in the global village. Much like Carl Gustav Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections or Marcel Proust's Rememberance of Things Past a novel that thematically narrates about growing up, participating in society, falling in love and learning about art, my own narrative celebrates the rites of passage of my own life journey meeting people, seeing places and participating in life. My memories of a life are seen through my own spectacles, observing and interacting with the everyday poetic kaleidescope of our dreams and Dream Visions that I have collected and experienced. Field Notes of a Dream Researcher is intended to reveal the private scientific and poetic side of the International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR) website, it is the back-story of the IIDR's literary genesis.
When I opened the doors of International Institute for Dream Research website fifteen years ago (in 1996), it was designed and intended to act as an ancient Greek Asclepian (God of Medicine) dream temple where people could freely read, contemplate, perhaps even incubate dreams in search of the meaning of the dream and their life. As a philosopher and clinical psychotherapist I am reminded that the ancient Greek physician's Hippocratic Oath which invoked the name of Asclepius. Basic research about this topic leads us to the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates last words before drinking the hemlock and dying, which were about honoring the god of medicine. Many tens of thousands have visited the IIDR website from most of the countries on our planet. Many have donated their dreams, providing a database and foundation for a theory about dreams as they relate to the medicial humanities. If the medical humanities would re-institutionalize the dream as an important source of psychodiagnostic and psychotherapeutic information concerning the individual and the community's well-being (in terms of how we live and the human condition on our planet), a great deal of needless pain and suffering could be avoided. It has been my philosophical mission to remind an oftime poetically oblivious and sleep walking humanity of what Erich Fromm called The Forgotten Language of the dream. By providing you the reader with a more personal narrative, my aim is to awaken what Ernst Bloch termed The Principle of HopeHope is what propels humanity towards the future, my hope is that a peaceful collective revolution in dreaming can rid our planet of the violent, hateful and nightmaric dystopian cycle of War and Peace in the Global Village and restore The Ecology of Our Dreams.

Mark Hagen, October 12, 2011

1001 Nights in the Global Village 

  1. Field Notes of a Dream Researcher -or- Small World Experiment (see above)
  2. Reconcilliation -or- With a Little Help from Your Friends.         posted October 13, 2011 
  3. Evolutionary Theory of Dreaming.                                                      posted October 14, 2011
  4. Dream Diaries -or- The Book I Write                                                 posted October 15, 2011
  5. Grey's Anatomy of the Medical Ego                                                   posted October 16, 2011
  6. The Missing Cantos of Paradiso -or- Dreaming of Dante              posted October 17, 2011
  7. What Happens Next -or- Back to the Future                                    posted October 18, 2011
  8. International Mother Language Day -or- Chinese Mother Tongue posted Oct 19,2011
  9. The Forgotten Langauage of Dreams -or- The Tower of Babel    posted Oct 20, 2011
  10. Political Psychology of American Dreams -or- Joseph Lieberman's Dream Oct 21, 2011
  11. A Time to Mourn -or- A Death Sentence                                             posted October 22, 2011 
  12. The Defiant One's -or- The Prisoner's Dilemna                             posted October 23, 2011
  13. Nightterrors -or- Coping with Stress                                                   posted October 24, 2011
  14. The Three Faces of Eve -or- Multiple Personality Disorder          posted October 25, 2011
  15. French Kissing in China -or- Autoerotic Training Camp                posted October 26, 2011
  16. Postmodern Condition -or- Queen of My Postmodern Domain  posted October 27, 2011
  17. Impulse Control -or- Paris Hilton in San Francisco                         posted October 28, 2011
  18. Anecdotes of History -or- Punchlines of Winston Churchill         posted October 29, 2011
  19. Social Networking -or- Facebook in the Global Village                  posted October 30, 2011 
  20. Media Influence on Children's Dreams -or- King Kong                  posted October 31, 2011 
  21. Songs in the Dream Key of Life -or- Blowing in the Wind            posted November 1, 2011  
  22. Freudian Self Deception -or- Society of Deceit                             posted November 2, 2011 
  23. Note to Children of Holocaust Survivors                                          posted November 3, 2011
  24. Animated Deams -or- Political Dream Psychology                      posted November 4, 2011
  25. Figments of the Imagination -or- Dream within a Dream          posted November 5, 2011
  26. The Great Mother and Creation Mythologies                                   posted November 6, 2011
  27. Quantum Mysticism -or- The Dreams of Wolfgang Pauli            posted November 8, 2011
  28. Third Reich of Dreams -or- The Psychodynamic Problem of Democracy Nov. 10, 2011
  29. American Dreams, Television Networks and the Culture Industries November 11, 2011
  30. Media Effects -or- The Information Industry                      posted November 12, 2011
  31. Inside the Third Reich of Dreams -or- Hitler's Mein Kampf     posted November 13, 2011
  32. Black Comedy -or- The Kafkaesque in the Global Village       posted November 14, 2011
  33. Off Color Humor -or- The Grotesque Body                          posted November 15, 2011  
  34. Dream as an Art Form -or- The Dream of the Marquis de Sade:Pt1 posted Nov. 16, 2011 
  35. Philosophy of the Bedroom -or- The Sadean Gaze: Part 2     posted November 17, 2011
  36. Arena of Masculinity -or- The Sports Industry                     posted November 19, 2011 
  37. Film Editing of Sergei Eisenstein -or- Hollywood's Dream Factory posted Nov. 20, 2011
  38. Film Noir and the Battle of the Sexes                                  posted November 21, 2011
  39. Creative Projective Paradigms -or- Hollywood Dream Factory posted Nov. 22, 2011
  40. Hollywood Dream Factory -or- Manufacture of Body Genres posted November 23, 2011 
  41. American Conspiracy Theory -or- Welcome to the Machine   posted November 24, 2011
  42. The Red Light District in the Global Village -or- The Holy Prostitute posted Nov. 25, 2011
  43. Hollywood's Rating System -or- Nine Dirty Words in Dreams  posted November 26, 2011
  44. The Celluloid Closet in the Gay Global Village                      posted November 27, 2011
  45. Confessions of a Porn Addict -or- The Devil in Disguise       posted November 28, 2011
  46. Life Magazine -or- The Beatles of the Cover of the Rolling Stone posted Nov. 29, 2011
  47. Hollywood's Anatomy of Murder -or- Spellbound                 posted November 30, 2011
  48. Basic Instinct -or- I've Got You Under My Skin                    posted December 1, 2011 
  49. Romeo and Juliet at King's Island -or- Poetry of Young Love: Pt 1 posted Dec. 2, 2011
  50. No and Yes -or- Shakespearean Dreams of Young Love: Part 2 posted December 3, 2011
  51. Cybersex, Porn Stars and the Adult Entertainment Industry    posted December 4, 2011
  52. Dreaming in Techicolor -or- Experiments in Dreaming           posted December 5, 2011
  53. Requiem for Ida Bauer -or- Dora's Curiousity about Women posted December 6, 2011
  54. Alexander the Great -or- The Oracle of the Dream              posted December 7, 2012 
  55. tbp
  56. Disability Studies -or- Social and Medical Models of Disabilty posted December 9, 2011
  57. Showing Off in America -or- Conspicuous Consumption in LA    posted Dec 10, 2012   
  58. The Dramatic Mind's Eye -or- Royal Road to Romance         posted December 11, 2011
  59. The Catcher in the Rye -or- Growing Up in New York and Vienna posted Dec. 12, 2011
  60. OTC's Top Secrets -or- The American Military -Industrial Complex posted Dec. 13, 2011 
  61. THE LIVING CITY -or- City and the Edge of Forever              posted December 14, 2011
  62. New York City -or- Remembering the World Trade Centre     posted December 15, 2011
  63. World Trade Centre -or- Fear and Loathing in the Global Village posted Dec. 16, 2011
  64. House Calls -or- The Dreams that TV Guide are Made Of     posted December 17, 2011
  65. Remembering the Battle of the Bulge -or- Patton's Dream  posted December 19, 2011
  66. Gideon's Bilble in the Global Village                                 posted December 18, 2011
  67. The All Seeing Eye of Richard Nixon -or- The Silent Majority posted December 20, 2011
  68. The Dream as a Problem Solving Tool -or- The Fallacies of Love posted Dec. 21, 2011
  69. Case of Cryptomnesia -or- William Archer's Dream of Hedda Gabler post Dec. 22, 2011
  70. The Global Banking Industry -or- The Material Girl             posted December 23, 2011
  71. How the Grinch Stole Christmas -or- It's a Wonderful Life    posted December 24, 2011
  72. Welcome to the Real World -or- The Dream Argument        posted December 25, 2011
  73. A People's History -or- The Psychohistory of the Global Village posted Dec. 26, 2011
  74. In Cold Blood -or- History of Natural Born Killers                 posted December 27, 2011 
  75. Madonna -or- My God, I've Killed My Baby                         posted December 28, 2011 
  76. Leonardo da Vinci -or- A Dream for an Awakened Mind        posted December 29, 2011
  77. Dreaming in Technicolor -or- Experiments in Dreaming       posted December 30, 2011
  78. Anatomy of Nightmares -or- Collective Dissociative Disorder posted December 31, 2011
  79. Web of Communication -or- Researching the Sociology of the Dreams  post Jan. 1, 2012
  80. States of Consciousness -or- The Dreams of William James   posted January 2, 2012
  81. Patriarchal Poetry and the Madwoman in the Attic              posted January 3, 2012
  82. In Dreams Begin Discoveries                                          posted January 5, 2012 
  83. The Invention of Lying -or- Galaxy Quest's Search for the Truth posted Jan. 6, 2012
  84. Cultural History of Fear -or-Age of Anxiety in the Global Village  posted January 7, 2012
  85. Sexology -or- Sex Dream Education and the Dream of Love   posted January 8, 2012 
  86. The Young and the Restless -or- Melodramatic Love          posted January 9, 2012
  87. Arena of Masculinity -or- The Sports Industry                    posted January 10, 2012
  88. tbp
  89. One Dimensional Man -or- Mass Consumer Art and Veblen Effects posted Jan. 12, 2012
  90. Ciltizen Lynn -or- A Playwright's Flashbacks of Life in the Mind's I  posted Jan. 13, 2012
  91. tbp
  92. Shared Dreaming, Shared Responsibilities -or- In Telepathic Dreams post Jan. 15, 2012
  93. Psychological and Emotional Baggage of the Great Pretender  posted January 16, 2012
  94. Musical Marriage of Heaven and Hell -or- Requiem for a Dream? posted Jan 17, 2012
  95. Flying Fish -or- FengShui: The Surrealist Manifesto            posted January 18, 2012
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  97. tbp
  98. Role Playing -or- Cyber-Encyclopedia of Collective Fantasy   posted January 21, 2012
  99. tbp
  100. The Dream Game Theory -or- What is a Catch 22?               posted January 23, 2012  
  101. Moral Judgment in Dreams -or- Maxwell's Silver Hammer     posted January 24, 2012
  102. Grief-work -or- Digging for Answers                                     posted January 25, 2012
  103. Saving Your Soul -or- The Exotic Dancer's Navel                   posted January 26, 2012
  104. Keeping Up with the Joneses -or- Advertising the American Dream posted Jan. 27, 2012
  105. Gothic Romance -or- Dating Edward Cullen: The Vampire Movie  posted January 28, 2012
  106. tbp
  107. Homemaking -or- Good Housekeeping's Seal of Approval   posted January 30, 2012
  108. What is Real -or- Derealization and Depersonalization        posted January 31, 2012
  109. The Dream as Guardian of Sleep -or- Sleep as the Guardian of the Dream? Feb 1, 2012
  110. The Transmutation of Franz Kafka -or- Dystopian Existence   posted February 2, 2012
  111. The Law Student -or- A Woman's Body and the Problem with the Law  Feb 3, 2012
  112. Avatar and Mother Nature -or- The Sacred Canopy of the Dream posted Feb 4, 2012  
  113. Only the Lonely -or- Psychological Fear of Abandonment          posted February 5, 2012
  114. Civilization and its Discontents -or- Emily Post's Etiquette        posted February 6, 2012
  115. tbp
  116. Maternal Bond -or- Closet Girl                                               posted February 8, 2012 
  117. Socialized Medicine -or- Health Care Reform in the Global Village  posted Feb 9, 2012  
  118. Life Writing, Dreams and Personal Growth                            posted February 10, 2012 
  119. In the Epic Name of the Allegory of Love -or- The Art of Loving posted February 11, 2012
  120. Social Psychological Space -or- Follow the Yellow Brick Road  posted February 12, 2012 
  121. Anatomy of the American Dream and American Nightmare     posted February 13, 2012 
  122. Valentines Day -or- A Rose by any other Name                    posted February 14, 2012
  123. Postmodern Art Perspectives -or- The Visual Outlines of Pizza Pizza   Feb 15, 2012
  124. Market Research of Dreams -or- Dream Research of Markets       posted Feb 16, 2012
  125. Darwin and the Anatomy of Disgust -or- Hiding from Humanity     posted Feb 17, 2012  
  126. The Anatomy of Humiliation -or- History of Persecution in Dreams   posted Feb 18, 2012
  127. Designing Scientific Experiments in Dreams                                posted February 19, 2012
  128. The Ex-Files -or- The Culture of Divorce                             posted February 20, 2012 
  129. Birth Trauma -or- Borderline Poetic of American Identity    posted February 21, 2012
  130. Esoteric Dreams -or- The Astrological Navel of the Zodiac    posted February 22, 2012 
  131. Continuous Games People Play -or- The Epic Dream Game is Afoot  posted Feb 23, 2012
  132. Understanding the Visual Media Culture of the American Family   posted Feb 24, 2012 
  133. Bill Clinton and the American Dream                                 posted February 25, 2012
  134. Anatomy of Monster -or- The Terrible Mother Nature Archetype posted Feb 26, 2012 
  135. Cultural History of Fear -or- Age of Anxiety in the Global Village   posted Feb 27, 2012
  136. Philosophy of Society -or- Occupational Dream Directory    posted February 28, 2012 
  137. The Pilgramage to Mecca -or- A Pilgram's Progress in Turkey posted Feb 29, 2012    
  138. Bi-Curious and the Kinsey Scale -or- The Polymorph Pervers Body posted March 1, 2012
  139. Keeping Up with the Joneses -or- Advertising the American Dream posted March 2, 2012
  140. Jumping Jack Flash -or- Computers and Planes, Buses and Trains posted March 3, 2012
  141. Quantum Mind-Body -or- Dreams and Quantum Mysticism       posted March 4, 2012
  142. Self Neglect in the Netherlands -or- Reparation and Self Love      posted March 5, 2012
  143. Questions and Answers -or- Socratic Method in Middle School    posted March 6, 2012
  144. Ask Ann Landers -or- Dreams and Dreamers in Dreamland       posted March 8, 2012
  145. Media Effects -or- The Influencing Machine and Visual Culture   posted March 9, 2012
  146. The Dreams of Wally Shirra -or- Fly Me to the Moon                 posted March 10, 2012
  147. Keep it Under Your Hat                                                         posted March 11, 2012
  148. Attachment Measures -or- The Girl-Friends                             posted March 12, 2012
  149. The Human Body -or- Multidisciplinary Research of Dream Vision posted Mar 14, 2012
  150. Your Heart's Desire -or- Developmental Dream Psychology     posted March 15, 2012
  151. The Dream Lanscape of Touch -or- Singing the Body Electric     posted March 16, 2012 
  152. Altered States -or- Confessions of an Opium Eater                 posted March 17, 2012
  153. If it Makes You Happy-or-The Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness posted Mar 18, 2012
  154. Ease Her Pain -or- Dream Egocentrism                                   posted March 19, 2012 
  155. Dreaming of Whitney Houston -or- Visual Culture in Croatia      posted March 20, 2012
  156. Tribal Sound of Music -or- Jazz Guitar of Django Reinhardt        posted March 21, 2012
  157. People with Problems -or- Problem Solving in Dreams              posted March 22, 2012
  158. The Yerkes-Dodson Law in Dreams -or- The Nightmare of Future Shock posted Mar 23
  159. Moonstruck in South Africa                                                    posted March 24, 2012
  160. The Daily Planet -or- Lucid Dreaming in Israel                          posted March 25, 2012 
  161. This Pale Blue Dot -or- The Starmakers Universe                      posted March 26, 2012
  162. The Evil Eye of Medusa -or- Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold  posted March 27, 2012
  163. The Many Faces of Betrayal -or- Character Flaws in Dreams       posted March 28, 2012
  164. Creative Dreaming -or- Cognitive Maps of Postmodernism         posted March 29, 2012  
  165. Vanity Fair in the Global Village -or- A Novel without a Hero      posted March 30, 2012
  166. Semiotics of Dream Vision -or- What does my dream mean?     posted March 31, 2012 
  167. Creative Writing in Dreams -or- A Story from Rags to Riches      posted April 1, 2012 
  168. The Dark Side of Visual Culture -or- Schizotypal Masks of Sanity  posted April 2, 2012
  169. Anatomy of Suffering -or- The Body in Pain                               posted April 3, 2012
  170. Night of the Living Dead -or- Zombie Survival Guide                  posted April 4, 2012
  171. The Life of Drama -or- The Melodramatic Imagination                posted April 5, 2012 
  172. Psychological Differences -or- PMS                                        posted April 6, 2012 
  173. Grand Tour of Dream Vision -or- The Marriage of Heaven and Hell posted Apr 7, 2012
  174. Hypnogogic and Hypnopompic Dreams                                   posted April 8, 2012
  175. Human Trafficking in Singapore -or- One Night in Bangkok       posted April 9, 2012 
  176. Porcelain Doll -or- Valley of the Dolls                                     posted April 10, 2012 
  177. Theosophy in India -or- Your Daily Horoscope                        posted April 11, 2012
  178. Cultural Milieu of Disgust -or- Tedium Vitae of the Family         posted April 12, 2012
  179. The Brazillian Spy that Loved Me -or- The CIA World Factbook posted April 13, 2012
  180. Thong Girl -or- Media and the Rise of Fetishism in Visual Culture  posted Apr 14, 2012
  181. Rebecca Crusoe in New Zealand -or- Journey to Fantasy Island  posted April 15, 2012
  182. Sleep Learning -or- Brave New World of Mass Media                posted April 16, 2012
  183. Janet Leigh's Existential Scream -or- Gothic Fear and the Numinous posted Apr 17, 2012
  184. Wild Thing -or- Who Will Write the History of Sexual Dreams     posted April 18, 2012
  185. Inner Dialogue -or- Sleep Talking                                           posted April 19, 2012
  186. Roll Over Beethoven -or- The Dreams of Ludwig van Beethoven posted April 20, 2012
  187. The Impossible Dream -or- The Romantic Dreams of Don Quixote  posted Apr 21, 2012
  188. Kepler's Dream Journey -or- Science Fiction's Trek to the Stars   posted April 22, 2012
  189. Hero with a Thousand and One Faces -or- Hollywood's Superheros  posted April 23, 2012
  190. Postmodern Arcade Dream Games -or- The Who's Pinball Wizard  posted April 24, 2012
  191. The Roman Catholic Church -or- The Pope in Guatemala               posted April 25, 2012
  192. The Grim Reaper in the Global Village -or- Poetics of the Macabre  posted April 27, 2012
  193. The Game of Life -or- The Postmodern Theatre of Dream Vision   posted April 28, 2012 
  194. The Visual Laws of Attraction -or- Lookism and Visual Culture       posted April 29, 2012
  195. Breakfast in America -or- America's Moveable Feast                  posted April 30, 2012
  196. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance                                posted May 1, 2012
  197. English Cultural Idiom -or- Oral Culture and Satire                     posted May 2, 2012 
  198. Visual Thinking in Sweden -or- Hollywood's Pictures in the Head   posted May 3, 2012
  199. Art, Beauty and the Sublime of Nature -or- In Awe of Starry Night   posted May 4, 2012
  200. Psychological Survival -or- 1001 Voices of the Fool on the Hill      posted May 5, 2012 
  201. Travel the World in 1001 Nights -or- Sweet Dreams are Made of These  posted May 6
  202. The Presley Brother -or- Elvis is Still in the Building                      posted May 7, 2012 
  203. Poetic Interiors of Psychodrama -or- The Allegory of Emotion        posted May 8, 2012
  204. A Western Lover's Discourse -or- Delusion and Dream of Love       posted May 9, 2012
  205. Dream Vision and the Medical Humanities -or- Cancer as Metaphor? posted May 10, 2012
  206. Inner World of Humanity-or-The Post-modern Knigdom of Dreams posted May 11, 2012
  207. Pathos of Everyday Life -or- Suffering in the Global Village             posted May 12, 2012
  208. In Search of Lost Time -or- Proustian Memory in Wild Strawberries posted May 13, 2012
  209. The Piano Man in New Zealand -or- Proust's Involuntary Memory    posted May 14, 2012 
  210. Hell is Other People -or- Alcoholics Anonymous                            posted May 15, 2012 
  211. Imps and Magical Thinking -or- The Gothic Flame of Passion           posted May 16, 2012
  212. Folklore and the Human Zoo -or- Philosophy of Animal Farm          posted May 17, 2012
  213. Post-Modern Times -or- Welcome to the Hollywood Dream Factory posted May 18, 2012
  214. Entering the Gutenberg Galaxy-or-World Literature and Dream Vision post May 19, 2012
  215. Americanization @ Thirty Two Visual Frames Per Second              posted May 20, 2012  
  216. Effects of the Iraq-Iran War -or- Trauma and Personal Injury        posted May 21, 2012
  217. Western Culture -or- Western Sub-Cultural Dream Visions             posted May 22, 2012 
  218. Seminar on Children's Dreams -or- Jungian Psychodrama              posted May 23, 2012
  219. The Presentation of Self -or- On Facework in Dreams                    posted May 24, 2012
  220. History of Reading -or- Dream Vision and the Arab Oral Tradition   posted May 28, 2012
  221. Plutarch -or- Lives of the Ancient Greeks and Romans                  posted May 29, 2012
  222. Metamorphosis -or- The God of Medicine Found in Dream Vision    posted May 30, 2012
  223. Psychology and Alchemy -or- Return to Wolfgang Pauli's Dreams   posted May 31, 2012
  224. Social Psychology of Lucid Dreams -or- Consensus Social Reality   posted June 1, 2012
  225. The One in Hong Kong -or- Boulevard of Broken Dreams in 3D       posted June 2, 2012  
  226. The Medical Humanities and the Rod of Asklepius                        posted June 3, 2012
  227. Politics of the Italian Family -or- Dream Vision and Trauma          posted June 4, 2012 
  228. Labyrinth of Desire -or- The Dream of Gwendolyn MacEwen           posted June 5, 2012
  229. Love in the Time of Cholera -or- Limerence and Lovesickness        posted June 6, 2012
  230. The Presley Brothers -or- Elvis is Still in the Building                     posted June 7, 2012
  231. Poetic Interiors of Psychodrama -or- Allegory of Emotion              posted June 8, 2012
  232. A Western Lover's Discourse -or- Delusion and Dream of Love       posted June 9, 2012
  233. I Think, Therefore I Am -or- Dreaming and the Social Construction of Reality  June 10
  234. Circle of Family Life -or- The Johari Window of the Family              posted June 11
  235. 1001 Faces of Gangsters -or- Once Upon a Time in the Global Village   posted June 12
  236. Life Writing, Dreams and Personal Growth                                   posted June 13, 2012
  237. Dialogues of Love -or- I Won't Live in a World without Love              posted June 14, 2012
  238. Symptom Reading of Nightmares -or- Stress of Everyday Life       posted June 15, 2012
  239. Gestalt Theory of Nightmares and Monsters of Psychohistory      posted June 16, 2012   
  240. The Dreaming Brain -or- Evolutionary Neuroscience of Dreaming  posted June 17, 2012 
  241. The Contest in Australia -or- The Song of Myself                         posted June 18, 2012
  242. Cyborg Manifesto -or- Cyber-Symbolism of the Right and the Left Hand  June 19, 2012 
  243. Evolutionary Source Code of Dreams: The Dreaming Brain in a Vat          June 20, 2012
  244. Descartes Dream of Reason -or- Unified Philosophy and Wisdom  posted June 21, 2012 
  245. Hiding From Humanity -or- The Dreams of the Blushing Student    posted June 22, 2012
  246. Photoshoot in Pakistan -or- Picturing Ourselves Surprised             posted June 23, 2012
  247. Origins of Women's English Poetry -or- Entering Medieval Dreams  posted June 24, 2012
  248. Pilots and Airplanes -or- The Flying Wright Brothers                      posted June 25, 2012
  249. Dreams, Visual Art and Horror Vacui -or- Ontopoetics of Emptiness  posted June 26
  250. Mathematical Formalism -or- Kurt Gödel's To Infinity ...and Beyond   posted June 27
  251. Interpretation of Dreams -or- In the Blink of an Eye: Part 1             posted June 28
  252. Interpretation of Dreams -or- In the Blink of an Eye: Part 2              posted June 29
  253. Interpretation of Dreams -or- In the Blink of an Eye: Part 3              posted June 30  
  254. Interpretation of Dreams -or- In the Blink of an Eye: Part 4             posted July 1, 2012
  255. The Transpersonal Unconscious -or- In Psychedelic Dreams             posted July 2, 2012
  256. Medieval Allegory in the Global Village -or- Star Wars and Se7en      posted July 3, 2012
  257. The English Novel -or- Finnigan's Wake in the Global Village            posted July 4, 2012
  258. Learning through Experience -or- Avant Guard Dream Art Studio      posted July 9
  259. Dreaming of One's Pleasures -or- Felisific Calculus of Narcissism        posted July 10
  260. Understanding Media, Understanding Dream Vision                         posted July 11
  261. Outline of the History of Dreams -or- The Time Machine                  posted July 12
  262. Notes for a Romantic Encyclopedia -or- Dream of the Blue Flower    posted July 13  
  263. Anthropological Dream Research -or- Cultural Studies of Dreams      posted July 15
  264. Why They Fail -or- Health Care's Failure to Communicate               posted July 16
  265. Hollywood Dream Factory -or- Reel Therapy in the Global Village     posted July 17
  266. State, Institutions and Social Order -or- Politics of the Dream          posted July 18
  267. The Wise Old Owl -or- The Philosopher's Path: In Search of Wisdom  posted July 19
  268. Haunted -or- Return of Repressed Memories                                 posted July 20
  269. The London Underground -or- Alienation Effects                            posted July 21
  270. Honor Your Mother and Father                                                     posted July 22
  271. Talking in Our Sleep -or- Homo Somniloquens                               posted July 23
  272. Hollywood Western -or- Gun Control                                            posted July 24
  273. Hollywood Western -or- Gun Control?                                           posted July 25
  274. Ex File Cases -or- Battle of the Sexes in the Global Village           posted July 26
  275. Pornographic Visual Culture -or- Fanny Hill in the Global Village     posted July 27
  276. Allegory of Love -or- The Theodicy of Narcissism                          posted July 28
  277. Helen Christensen's Story -or- Dreaming of the Death of Hitler      posted July 30
  278. Gates of Horn and Ivory -or- Dream Vision Poetry for Beginners     posted July 31
  279. Fieldwork in the Enchanted Forest -or- Once Upon a Time             posted August 1
  280. Noonday Demon -or- Who Will Write the History of Depression?     posted August 2
  281. Canadian Music -or- Your Love is Better than Ice Cream               posted August 3
  282. Remembering Marilyn Monroe -or- Popular Ode to Norma Jeane      posted August 8  
  283. The Secret Source of Femininity -or- Male Envy of the Breast         posted August 9
  284. Psychosomatic Medicine -or- Stressed Out in the Global Village       posted August 11
  285. Welcome to the Real World -or- The Dream Argument                 posted August 12
  286. Breast Feeding in Lithuania -or- Dreaming of Motherhood            posted August 13
  287. Tales of Evil and Horror -or- The Films of Wes Craven                 posted August 14 
  288. Teen Angst -or- In Search of Self Definition                               posted August 15
  289. Mythology of Women -or- Women's Bodies, Womens Dreams      posted August 16
  290. The Meaning of Anxiety -or- The Nightmare of Everyday Life        posted August 17 
  291. The Village Phantom -or- Sleepwalking in the Global Village         posted August 18
  292. The Sixth Sense -or- Ghost Tours in the Global Village                posted August 19
  293. Ancient Eygptian History -or- Thutmose IV Dreamstele               posted August 20
  294. Down and Out in Detroit -or- Destitution in the Global Village       posted August 21
  295. Cinephilia in the Global Village -or- 1001 Dream Factory Films      posted August 24
  296. Finding Never-Never Land -or- Daydreaming in the Global Village posted August 25 
  297. Andy Warhol -or- Marilyn Monroe in the Dream Factory              posted August 26
  298. The Usual Suspects -or- The Cold Case of Marily Monroe              posted August 27
  299. The Theatre of Everyday Life -or- Presentation of Self in Everyday Life posted Aug 29
  300. Well Educated Imagination -or- Schools and the American Dream posted Aug 30
  301. The Occult Dream Detective -or- English Victorian Imagination    posted August 31
  302. Animals and Fables -or- The Natural History of Dreams              posted September 4 
  303. Origins and History of Consciousness -or- Snake Mythologies      posted September 5
  304. Who Will Write the History of Languages -or- Hopi Mythology     posted September 6
  305. Public Key Cryptography -or- The Secret Decoder Ring                posted September 7
  306. Just Do It -or- The Joy of Playing                                            posted September 8
  307. Weltschmerz -or- Investigating Crying, Grief and Sadness         posted September 9
  308. I Ching -or- Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream  posted September 10  
  309. Reach for the Top -or- Mr Rogers Neighborhood                        posted September 12
  310. Jung's Theory of Personality -or- Pauli's Johari Window              posted September 13
  311. The Eygptian Dream Book -or- Fragments of the History of Dreams   posted Sept 14
  312. Radio Days -or- The Tribal Drum in the Global Village               posted September 15 
  313. Remembering Walter Benjamin -or- As Time Goes By              posted September 17
  314. Keeping it Under Your Hat                                                     posted September 18
  315. In Loving Memory                                                                posted Septmeber 19
  316. Crime Scene Investigation                                                   posted September 20
  317. Friends and Enemies in Danemark -or- Understanding Love and Hate  posted Sep 24 
  318. Entering the Twilight Zone -or- Wnna See Something Really Scary posted September 25
  319. Birth of a Nation -or- The Ku Klux Klan                                    posted September 26
  320. Dreamwork News in the Global Village: Part 1                        posted September 27 
  321. Headline News in the Global Village -or- Dream Vision News: Part 2   posted Sept 28
  322. Tax Evasion -or- Black Market in the Global Village                posted September 29
  323. The Man Comes Around -or- Johnny Cash and Queen Elizabeth  posted September 30
  324. Anatomy of Prejudice -or- Racism Classism Sexism and Other Hatreds  posted Oct 1
  325. Existential Analysis -or- Spiritual Unconscious in Vienna         posted October 2
  326. Hidden Order of Art -or- Dream Vision a New Art Form?           posted October 9
  327. Tales of Evil and Horror -or- The Films of Wes Craven            posted October 11
  328. Learning Through Experience -or- The Avant Guard Dream Art Studio posted Oct 12
  329. Questions and Answers -or- The Socratic Method in Middle School posted October 13
  330. Magical Musical Mystery Tour -or- The Songbook I Write        posted October 14
  331. Visual Culture -or- Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema       posted October 15
  332. The Transpersonal Unconscious -or- In Psychedelic Dreams   posted October 16
  333. Cultural History of Fear -or- The Age of Anxiety in the Global Village  posted Oct 18
  334. Boulevard of Broken Dreams in the Global Village                 posted October 20
  335. The Holy Land: Theological Dream Interpretation                 posted October 21
  336. Wisdom of Dreaming Minds -or- 2012 Readers Choice of Dreams  posted Oct 23
  337. Mary Shelly's Frankenstein -or- The Modern Prometheus     posted October 25
  338. Freud, Jung and Adler -or- A Dangerous Method                 posted October 26 
  339. Dreams of a Spirit-Seer -or- Swedenborg's Calling All Angels  posted October 27
  340. From Dream to Artistic Vision -or- Wholeness and Fragmentation posted Oct 28
  341. Social Medicine -or- World Health Watch of Dream Work     posted November 6 
  342. Remembrance Day -or- The Vimy Ridge Memorial               posted November 11
  343. Dating is a State of Mind -or- Arabian Nights Gender Advertisements  Nov 12
  344. Ulysses in the Global Village -or- Geneology of Dream Vision: Part 1  Nov 16 
  345. Ulysses in the Global Village -or- 1001 Nights Entertainment: Part 2   Nov 26
  346. Who Will Write the History of Anti-Semitism?                  posted December 19  
  347. A Christmas Carol -or- English Misanthropy and Philanthropy   posted Dec 25   
  348. Freud's Revolutionary Dream -or- The Political Theatre of Dreaming  Jan 24, 2013
  349. The Carnivalesque -or- The Art of Subversion of Totalitarianism   posted Jan 31  
  350. Bin Laden's Daedly Terrorist Dream Game -or- Art of Darkness   posted February 9  
  351. Numinous Dreams in the New Testament -or- The Idea of the Holy posted March 30 
  352. Science Fiction into the Darkness -or- The Mythology of Star Trek  posted April 21 
  353. Meet the Press-or-A Reader Response Theory of Dream Vision:Pt 1 posted April 26
  354. It's a Small World -or- Remembering the Boston Marathon 2013   posted April 26
  355. I Had to Much to Dream Last Night -or- Men Who Stare at Goats   posted May 3
  356. tbp
  357. I Need a Hero -or- The Hero with 1001 Faces in the Global Village   posted June 12
  358. Dream Research as an Occupation-or- Dreaming the Paths in Life posted July 4
  359. Understanding Laura-or-Artistic Portrait of the American Dream posted August 23
  360. Memorial for a Dream -or- Martin Luther King's Dream           posted August 28
  361. Alone in Puerto Rico -or- Once Bitten Twice Shy                     posted September 1
  362. The Mythological Zoo -or- Human Evolution and the Triune Brain posted September 7
  363. Killers of the Dream in the Global Theatre -or- White Man's Burden posted Oct 2
  364. Remembrance Day -or- War and Peace in the Glabal Theatre   posted November 11
  365. JFK -or- The Burden and the Glory of the American Dream      posted November 25
  366. Archemedean Pont-or-Dream Vision and the Human Condition:2 posted Jan20, 2014
  367. Dream Poetry -or- Music and Moonlight in the Global Theatre    posted Feb 28
  368. Jung's Near Death Experience -or- Dream Vision and the Human Condition:3 Apr 12
  369. Secular Romance -or- The Canadian Painter's Studio                       posted June 26
  370. Saint Augustine's Confessions -or- Dreaming of the Golden Rule  posted July 10
  371. Powers of Horror -or- Tapestry of the Nightmare of History    posted February 4 2015
  372. Understanding Money -or- Money and Class in America   posted May 3
  373. Chaucer's House of Fame: Part 1
  374. Chaucer's House of Fame: Part 2
  375. The Western and the Art of Memory -or- The Art of Reading   posted Jan 22, 2016
  376. The Strange Case of Love and Death -or- The Gothic Tapestry: 1 posted Feb 12
  377. Welcome to My Nightmare -or- The Gothic Tapestry: 2
  378. The Political Animal in History -or- Dreaming of Donald Trump posted July 2016
  379. A Place at the Table -or- Hilary Clinton Breaking the Glass Ceiling posted July 2016
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