French Kissing in China

The French Kiss -or- Human Sexual Response

Our dreams begin to change when we enter puberty, there are hormonal changes and there are psychological changes. Childhood dreams are slowly displaced by adolescent ruminations. Our dreams reflect all these changes. That there is a cultural component to these physiological and psychological changes is evidenced by the fact that in the dream below we find "French kissing" in a Chinese girl's dream. This suggests that the idea of such a kiss probably has been learned from reading Western literature, listening to Western music, watching Western films, or watching Western popular culture Internet videos. A cultural idiom that I learned when I was an adolescent was, "never kiss and tell."

Yin, 15 Chinese

This morning I had a strange dream unlike any I've ever had before.

It begins with me in this sort of competition in a camp. I need to participate in a swimming competition only I can't swim. There is no one around but I know in my mind that I need to participate I walk next to the lake and I realize that I am on an elevated concrete platform about ten feet of the surface of the lake. I hate heights so I don't want to jump. I was just about to be forced to jump when the scene changes.

Now I am standing on top of the platform once again, only now there is a boy standing in front of me. I am nervous and then he tells me that he won't hurt me. We start kissing deeply. Somewhere in the middle we start French kissing. During my dream I felt as though I really was kissing someone as if I was half asleep. The dream ended soon after that but I when I woke up I couldn't remember the boy's face. All I could remember was that he was older and he was taller then me. I have never dated anyone before or kissed anyone before so this dream was really surprising to me.

Mr Hagen's Reply; French Kissing in China -or- Autoerotic Training Camp

"I believe in...opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." Crash Davis (in the film Bull Durham)

The kiss has a long history in art, literature and film. The kiss is the stuff fairy tales are made of, think of Sleeping Beauty being awakened by love's first kiss. Rodin's The Kiss features a pair of lovers in a passionate embrace kissing. You are beginning to experiment with desire, you are not alone, there are others on the playing field all playing the oldest game in town.

It has been intimated that masturbation is the primary means of arousal of autoeroticism, this is a fallacy as your dream shows us. Experimenting, learning about eroticism has its beginnings for the most part in our dreams. Masters and Johnson Human Sexual Response outlined a four stage model to erotic stimulation. In your dream you find yourself not once but twice on top of an elevated platform above water, this equates to what Master's and Johnson call a woman's plateau phase of autoerotic excitement. That things in some ways have not changed since I was an adolescent, we can find from a popular culture perspective Justin Bieber's song Kiss and Tell on You Tube.

Many other dreams have been sent to the International Institute for Dream Research that speak of Eros and love interests in all their vicissitudes.

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