The Pilgrimage to Mecca -or- A Pilgrim's Progress in Turkey

Mike, 26

Hello, I saw myself in Istanbul where I use to walk in streets of. I know the area very well and I figured that it was a time for prayer and start looking for a Mosque. I came alone to a construction where I felt it would lead me to a Mosque. I took my shoes off and wanted to put on a rack where there was a sign that only those who made their pilgrimage to Makkah was allow to put there shoes there. I place it right next to it as I advanced to take absolution I heard belly dancers and saw bunch of ladies dancing, I ignored them and advanced. I entered to the area where there was heavenly scent and colorful pillows and clear water and gold faucet where I can clean up. As I start taking my absolution I woke up.

Mr Hagen's Reply: Prayer and Absolution in Istanbul

Having been in Istanbul, I did visit the Hagia Sophia, partook one evening watching "belly dancers", visited the Grand Bazaar and the "Turkish bath". As for the gold faucet in the dream, there is an association to that as well. When we were in the Grand Bazaar, we were looking at the various shops, out of one of the shops stepped a business man in a brown suit, shirt and tie he was talking to someone, then he smiled...we could see that every one of his teeth were made of gold!

From a literary perspective the idea of a "pilgrimage", is found not only in Islam, it is also found in many faith's including Christianity and Judaism. John Bunyan's allegorical journey "The Pilgrim's Progress" is an important English religious literary experience. "Mecca" is known as the birthplace of Mohammad and the pilgrimage is seen as a duty for every able Muslim. Reportedly, over 13 million Muslims visit the city every year. Prayer is also found in many faiths including Islam. Your dream suggests that "absolution" is not strictly a ritual of the Christian, but also is found in Islam.


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