Philosophy of Society -or- Occupational Dream Directory

This dream interpretation is a synoptic philosophical/psychodynamic outline, in the sense that it discusses the "division of labor" found in dreams. After the introduction, an A-Z occupational dream directory is provided. More occupations will be added as more occupations found in dreams are posted.

The Division of Labor -or- Social Observational Learning

Early on in my notebooks, I documented the idea that learning by observation and role model was a primary channel of learning found in my dreams. As a student, researching this idea at the Zentralbiblioteck (Central Library) in Zurich, I found the work of Edward Thorndike, Albert Bandura and Leonard Berkowitz on instrumental and social learning theory. Each of us learn to take on numerous roles in society.  Those who have difficulty finding a social role will experience role confusion and role conflict. The importance of role learning is also one of the reasons we can find a significant number of role playing fantasies and games in dreams (read IIDR interpretation "Role Playing").

From a sociological perspective we can see that Emil Durkheim's "Division of Labor" finds pragmatic expression when researching the sociology of dreams. Organic and mechanical solidarity and collective consciousness are concepts that can be applied to understanding the collective psychodynamic social structure and function of our dreams.

As stated in a number of dream interpretations found at the IIDR website, the individual and collective diffusion of responsibility are at the pragmatic core of social problems we are faced with in the global village. Dreams like "Streetproofing" and "Collective Dissociative Disorder" attest to the psychological problem.

With the Industrial Revolution and industrialization an epochal shift in social organization and social order took place. Time became more structured, factories needed to use time tables to schedule work, schools and the education system also became scheduled, leisure time such as travel also ran on schedules (ie. train). Professions, occupations and careers became more diversified as employment opportunities grew and the industrial sectors of the economy expanded. The SOC classification system identifies 840 job type profiles.   

Here are some of the A to Z work related behavioural economic division of labor found in dreams:

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