Bi-Curious and the Kinsey Scale -or- The Polymorph Pervers Body

Adolescent Experimentation of the Erotic Imagination in Dreams

As adolescents and young adults, most of us experimented with the social boundaries of the erotic, sexuality and love. Many dreams sent to the International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR) speak of this voyeuristic and exhibitionistic experimentation in dreams. The dream below underscores the adolescent's erotic imagination.

Suzanne, 14 American student

We were in my school cafeteria and there was a talent contest going on. This really red neck boy that listens to the Judds, got on stage and started rapping. The thing is he was wearing a dress that had the front cut out of it in circles, and he had breasts. I wasn't scared, I was really amused, then I looked down at myself and I had a little penis. Then I woke up.

Mr Hagen's Reply: America's Got Talent -or- Psychosexual Development

The dream takes place in the school cafeteria, and a "talent contest" is going on. The thematic of the dream surrounds what has been called "psychosexual development". On a four hour train ride in 1978, I took along Freud's "Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality". I couldn't get into the book, so I stopped reading. I had other books to read. A few years later, I started reading secondary literature, such as Herbert Marcuse "Eros and Civilization" about Freud's theories which provided better understanding.

The dream above is about "looking", "voyeurism" and the "polymorph pervers body". This dream from a gender identity perspective seems "bi-curious". As an adolescent myself, "streaking" was in fashion, the 1974 popular song "The Streak" (watch music video) much like the dream above seems amusing in retrospect.

The Kinsey scale can be applied to dreams to provide understanding about erotic fantasies and sexual questioning and confusion. Anyone checking the "Art of Loving" section (as well as others) will notice the relationship problems created when sexuality is devoid of caring and loving, it only leaves traumatized and depersonalized relationships in one's memory. Where are the boundaries? Are they found in "1 Night in Paris"? Are celebrity sex tapes really amusing? 

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