True Colors of Political Dreams -or- Joseph Lieberman's Dream

As a student, I was very interested in the politics of the dream. Reading Charlotte Beradt's, "Third Reich of Dreams" was eye opening, in that it clearly shows how Nazi propaganda had a political psychological influence on the dreams of individuals and by extention a whole nation. In America, Kelly Bulkelly is a dream researcher who is interested in the political psychology of American's dreams. A dream that has a positive American political message is found in, "Private Dreams of Public People", by Lauren Lawrence; the dream was provided by Senator Joseph Lieberman. Here's the dream;

"I dream I am lying on the grass on a warm, sunny day, looking up at a tree above me. All at once, the tree bursts into multi-colored blooms and then each blossom opens into a multi-colored bird. It is like some animated fantasia, full of beauty and fancy."

Mr Hagen's Reply: American Patriotism -or- The American Tree of Life

Lieberman who describes himself as an "observant Jew", must certainly be aware of the tree of life. The spiritual motif of the tree of life is found in many different cultures. The multi-colored blooms may have a political allusion to numerous movements growing in America. One allusion may be to the Rainbow Coalition. The political desire for American multi-cultural tolerance and spiritual harmony appears to be part of the aura of Lieberman's dream. Looking up and seeing the tree bursting into multi-colored blooms may have a political and democratic allusion to the freedom to grow. Read in this American ontological sense, the dream may be saying, see how far I have been able to grow and become. The skies the limit, the American dream can animate everyone to grow and become.

On a final few notes, Lieberman's dream, has the political ring of American patriotism. From a religious perspective, the rainbow may also have an allusion to Noah's "rainbow covenant" with his G_d. From a popular music perspective the song "True Colors" (watch music video) fits the political sentiment.


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