If It Makes You Happy-or-The Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness

The Art of Happiness -or- Inalienable Rights

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates philosophized about the nature of "happiness". Philosophers after him continue the philosophy of happiness debate and dialogue that goes on to this day. The American "Declaration of Independence", was crafted with the inalienable human rights of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". The Dalai Lama, "The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living" tells us that the search for happiness is a global concern today for all of humanity. From a popular music perspective Sheryl Crow's "If It Makes You Happy" (watch music video) fits the philosophical sentiment.

Taken from a different perspective, the one found in our dreams, the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness has a multitude of subjective meanings. Here are just a few;

Victoria, 18

I was holding my uncle's baby daughter and I was in a movie theater, with no movie playing, surrounded by family. I was very happy and joyful while holding the baby. The baby was very close to my chest and didn't want to go away when her father tried to take her away. I decided to leave and put the baby to sleep, but some how wound up in my uncle's home. I found my aunt and she was in the baby's room. Throughout the room was a rabbit cage, and some dogs. The baby fell asleep on her bed underneath this array of an extremely large cage. The rabbits began going crazy and somehow a dog came out of the cages. The rabbits appeared to be light brown, light gray and white, some spotted. The animals were fighting and I was trying to protect the baby, and then I woke up. It was present day.

Mr Hagen's Reply: Maternal Instincts -or- Seeing Yourself as a Mother

While there is no movie playing in the dream, the dream is playing in the family's dramatic visual theatre. The dream is one that celebrates family, celebrates new life, protects life, a life that is "happy and joyful". The dream seems to envisage this celebration in the coming "baby shower" ("present day").

Lynn, 21 Canadian

I had a dream that i won on a set for life lotto ticket it said set for life, but i also seen 10,000 dollars as a bonus. In my dream it seemed so real and i was so happy i was surrounded by family. Do u have any reason what this dream might mean or if it may indicate something?

Mr Hagen's Reply; Set for Life -or- Winning the Lotto "Set for Life"

As a Canadian, I am sure you have seen the Lotto 6/49 commercials on TV, the signature line being "Imagine the Freedom". The dream is not prophesizing that you will win if that's what you're asking. However, I'm sure that's what every Lotto corporation wants you to believe. That's why they advertise. That's how they get you to play. By playing you have a chance to win. The dream is a "suggestion" that by playing, you have an opportunity to dream the dream of financial freedom.

Patty, 31

There's this song of my childhood when my father was still alive and a happier time. I haven't been able to find it, but i dreamed that a man who likes me had it all this time and it made me very happy.

Mr Hagen's Reply; Happier Times -or- Song of My Childhood

Childhood is often seen as a simpler time, the song that made you happy is within you, yet you have been unable to find it. Yet the song has been there all the time, it just took someone else to bring it out of you. As Oliver Wendel Holmes tells us; "Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out." What I think Holmes is saying, is "tempus fugit".

Eliane, 49

I have been married to the same man for many years. This dream I have had numerous  times. The past five years or so I've had horrible dreams where he is very mean and unfaithful to me with woman I know. This all feels so real that I carry the empty, lonely feeling for days. It is genuine. I can't shake it! I see his face and it is a heartless, selfish look, he is always happy & laughing, glad that I've seen him and could care less!  I'm always struggling to get away, feeling very broken, trying to rebuild my life but he won't let me go! I try to open a door but can't, something very powerful and evil is on the other side takes my breath away and sends shivers down my spine. As if I don't have the strength to fight this thing. I want desperately to open that door! As I give up and walk away from the door, I say to myself... Next time, I am going thru, No matter what!

MR Hagen's Reply; Schadenfreude-or-Next Time, I am Going Thru, No Matter What!

Something seems to be very wrong in your marriage and/or your dream. It is difficult to ascertain exactly what it is from the manifest content of your dream. What can be said is that your husband is cast in the dramatic role of being heartless, selfish, unfaithful and uncaring. The fact that he is always "happy & laughing" that you have "seen him and could care less", points to an emotion called "Schadenfreude" (roughly translated; pleasure/happiness with others suffering). The dream appears to be talking about the pleasures of mental cruelty.


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