Creative Writing in Dreams -or- A Story from Rags to Riches

Storylines and Narrative Structure -or- The Stories Dream Visions are Made Of 

Every culture creates and tells stories that entertain, and educate. History informs us that on the day that his death sentence was carried out, the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates (read the dream interpretation "Aesop's Fables Rock" labored on re-working Aesop's fables. Stories usually have a dramatic beginning middle and end, this step by step narrative structure is the stuff of linear story telling. 

Teressa's dream below features a dreamer who has evidently developed a literary variety of "dream worldstorylines including nightmarish ones. This prolific dreamer has some cognitive control over the narrative parameters of her imaginary world that she creates every night. 

J. K Rowling's "Harry Potter" fantasy series turned a woman who was living on social assistance into a multi-millionaire. Rowling's creative writing produced a fantasy and dream world filled with magical characters, plots and points of view for a popular reading and film going audience. Hers is a real "rags to riches" dream come true story. 

Teressa, 42 

Every night I enter a dream world that is like reading a book-the dream world is linear or it's like a story. When i get up to go the bathroom (3 times a night) when I go back to sleep I re-enter the same dream story. If I don't like the dream story or it's too nightmarish I have to get up and stay up at least 10-15 min to end that dream story. The story goes on till morning then the dream starts to fall apart, sections will play over and over like a recorder as the dream story breaks down. This happens every night. Always a storyline.

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