Night of the Living Dead -or- The Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Apocalypse -or- Preparedness 101

The two dreams below speak about defending against zombies. The dreams most likely have been influenced by media, however we can ask from a philosophical perspective, are these zombies real or imaginary? (Read the dream interpretation "Requiem for a Dream".)

Alice, 18 

My dream consisted of a Zombie Apocalypse type feel to it.

"First, I was in the street, of a location I wasn't familiar with, when I saw the first zombie approaching. Then, there was panic amongst people I didn't know, or were mere acquaintances with. I was pulled in to a green-house type room, that was boarded up and there were only a few dead plants along the walls. We spent the time hoarded in this building, reinforcing the boards so that a zombie wouldn't get inside. Among the people, I found one of my friends that I have recently gotten close to. While reinforcing one of the barriers, a zombie was breaking through, and clawed at my friend. My friend was then infected by the disease, and in that made the decision to kill herself. It was then that I concocted a small device that would prevent the boards from moving from their place at all. Myself and the other survivors stayed holed up in the building until sunset, and for some reason, that's when everything cleared up." 

Jake, 29

Recurring: I am walking through a dark forest on my way to work when I am attacked on all sides by zombies, hundreds of them, I have a sword to defend myself but I can never get to it as my hands are always busy with intricate kung fu defense moves.  I am always able to defend myself with my hands and feet but it is only just enough to keep them from grabbing me and dragging me down. I know I would be dead if I allow them to actually touch me.  I only need a second to be able to draw my sword but I never get the opportunity.  Their attack is relentless but I am always amazed that I can counter every attack by every zombie.  In my dream I know that there is no one who can equal my fighting skill.  I wake up sweating filled with fury looking for someone to fight. It always feels so real.

Mr Hagen's Reply: The Zombie Survival Guide -or- Philosophical Zombie's

Many years have past when a group of my High school friends and I went to see the re-release of the now cult classic film "Night of the Living Dead". The poetic archetypal end of the world and civilization has become part and parcel of what has become known as the "zombie apocalypse". Even the American "Centre for Disease Control" has discussed the matter under the rubric of "Public health" in a blog; "Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse". My own interest in the popular media zombie invasion of the imagination, can be found in the psychological concept and problem of the "philosophical zombie". Max Brooks "The Zombie Survival Guide" provides in depth help for any and all fictional (and dream) "zombie attacks".

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