Human Trafficking in Singapore -or- One Night in Bangkok

Runaway Children -or- Dark Side of the Human Condition in the Global Village

In Hamilton, Ontario Canada there was a front page article in the Hamilton Spectator "Hit Man Plot Exposed" (April 4, 2012). A Hungarian hit man "was hired to murder the victims of a Hamilton human trafficking ring, two RCMP officers and assistant Crown attorney...." 

Many different types of dreams have been sent to the International Institute for Dream Research and almost from every country on the planet. The following is a disturbing dream, most likely from a young girl who has run away from home. Millions run away from home every year. In America alone, it is estimated that 1.3 million run away every year. The dream helps to illuminate and gives voice to the dark side of the human condition on our planet. 

Connie, 16 Singapore 

I was with this guy i dislike alot. I was carrying 3 bags, and was feeling very cumbersome. I was wearing this high-heel shoes that was making my walking very difficult. I was following him, feeling very irascible. Then he brought me to this place that was a bit like disco kind of place, there were many guys/punks there playing pool. I was scared, feeling intimidated, cuz they were all looking at me. So i told him i wanted to leave. So we left after he took his thing from his friend there. He was walking very fast. I was following behind him, feeling very tired. But he was leading me to this place that was very retro like. Gloomy, with construction stuff around. It was night i think. The surrounding was very creepy, like backstreet kind of place. He suddenly disappeared from my view. I looked around frantically, and couldn't find him. Desperate, i decided to turn back and leave. Then he suddenly appeared from behind this pillar and he gave me that idiotic smile like i'm needing him. So i was pissed and indignant, so i walked away. 

Then it became daylight. At this busy street called Orchard road, i had no idea where i wanted to go and felt very alone and lost. I was very tired, and the weather was hot. My walking was very difficult. The high-heel shoes seem to get stuck to the ground each step i took, so it became as if i was trudging my way. Then i reached this zebra crossing, the cars were zooming so fast! I was so frightened. Even the lorries were zooming, and shaking when it was turning, like it was goin to fall on me. I was very scared. But i followed the people who crossed. Then i wanted to find the bus-stop. I found it. I asked if there was my bus, but turned out my bus didn't stop at that bus-stop. So i had to walk. I was very tired already. My whole body was sticky, the car exhaust and the cars were a nuisance. 

Irascible, Indignant, and Alone in Singapore -or- Sexual Trafficking on Orchard Road 

Human and sexual trafficking seems to be a fact of life for many living in the global village. The growing statistics are staggering. Connie is carrying three bags walking the streets of Singapore in "high-heels". The "guy" that she was with, that she dislikes alot, first takes her to a disco kind of place where "many guys/punks" are all looking at her. When he does his vanishing act and then reappears, he gives Connie an "idiotic smile", like she needs him. Connie shows her courage and independence by walking away. From an emotional perspective Connie expresses many feelings in the dream including; irascible, scared, intimidated, frantic, desperate, pissed, indignant, alone, lost, and frightened to name a few. Towards the end of the dream that also takes place on Orchard Road, still walking in high-heels, she feels "very alone and lost". Is her fate one of being a "street child" and/or a prostitute in Singapore?

Recently the film documentary "Nefarious: Merchant of the Souls" about human trafficking was released. The dream has the feel of the song "One Night in Bangkok" (watch music video) by Murray Head.





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