The One in Hong Kong -or- Boulevard of Broken Dreams in 3D

The Roots of Coincidence in a Small World -or- Synchronicity in the Global Village 

One of the cultural metaphors that the International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR) uses is, "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams" which alludes not only to Helnwein's picture, Green Day's song or the noir film "Sunset Boulevard". Instead, it references all those broken dreams that exist and are circulating in the global village as we speak. A short time back, the International Institute for Dream Research received the dream below. Jung might have said that such a dream represents a form of "synchronicity", as versus coincidence. While I do not dispute this interpretation, I also believe that the social problem of broken dreams is pervasive on our planet. Today we all live in a "Small World", read the dream interpretation "Researching the Sociology of Dreams".

I understand that the summer London 2012 Olympics will be first time that they will be globally broadcast on Sky 3D. Asia, as other dreams sent to the IIDR illustrates, is increasingly incorporating Western ideas and lifestyles. In this sense, the commercialization and Americanization of our dream world is a post-modern work in progress. 

Here is the dream; 

Harry Yin 28, Chinese 

I had dreamt about Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Helnwein in colours but without sound once before I saw a copy of this exact painting a week before at The One (A shopping Center in Hong Kong). In my dream I entered by that door behind the counter and I saw those people in 3D. They all look like wax statues to me and not moving. I went out of the Entrance and flew around. Except for the painted parts in the painting and the street in between the unseen right turn corner of the cafe, forming a coloured rectangle from top down view, the rest are pitch black. Dream versions of Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore fused together. So can you tell me what does it mean to dream about Boulevard of Broken Dreams thank you. I have been practicing Chi Kong for 3 years now. 

Mr Hagen's Reply: ASEAN -or- Shopping in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore 

More and more the whole world is becoming one shopping centre, markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand are all "fusing" together most likely not without some problems similar to those being experienced by the "European Common Market". A similar organization ASEAN is a geo-political and economic organization in Southeast Asia that encompasses 600 million people. Reportedly their combined "nominal" GDP in 2010 was 1.8 trillion US$.

Although there are many dream interpretations at the IIDR website that discuss the "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", perhaps "Hollywood's Pictures in the Head" can begin to provide a context.

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