The Presley Brothers -or- Elvis is Still in the Building

The King of Rock and Roll -or- Songs of Inspiration

Elvis is still a popular culture icon, and is known as the "King of Rock and Roll". His cultural music idiom was reportedly gospel, African American and blues. Lauren Lawrence "Private Dreams of Public People" reports a dream that Elvis told a close friend that he had. Here is the dream; 

"I had this dream that the Presley Brothers were performing. My twin brother Jesse and I were on stage, both wearing white jumpsuits with guitars strung over our shoulders. He was the spitting image of me except he could sing better." 

Heavenly Music -or- Rock and Roll Heaven 

Elvis did fact have a twin brother, who was still born. Lawrence sees in the dream "Elvis's spiritual quest", where the white jump suits are poetic shorthand for spiritual "soul music" of purity and wisdom. The Presley Brothers on stage may be an allusion to the act of the Righteous Brothers who sang such songs such as "(You're My) Soul and Inspiration" (watch music video) and "Unchained Melody" (watch music video from Ghost), a song that would find a place in the film "Ghost". Elvis reportedly sang the "Unchained Melody" (listen to music video) a number of times shortly before his death. The Righteous Brother also sang "Rock and Roll Heaven" (listen to music video). 

On a final "in-spirational" note, Elvis sings "Amazing Grace".


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