Poetic Interiors of Psychodrama -or- The Allegory of Emotion

Dreams as Drama Films -or- A-Z List of Emotion in Dream Vision

This "Field Note" is a literary synoptic vision of the allegory of emotion and the "philosophy of feeling" in the global village in its light and dark poetic expressions. Most of the dreams sent to the International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR) dream bank feature not only our trains of thoughts, they also illustrate our feelings in a variety of situations. Everyone learns to respond and act differently in emotional situations. One of the main psychological findings from a feeling perspective is that many people carry "emotional baggage" with them, many have been psychologically traumatized and are the walking wounded.  

From a popular film culture perspective, the Hollywood dream factory produces "drama films"  that appeal to the wide spectrum of our emotions and desires. Many of the IIDR dream interpretations focus on the psychodramatic feelings and sentiments found in our dreams. 

Here is an A-Z list, of feelings and desires found in the dream interpretations posted at the IIDR website; 

The list will be updated, as other emotions are discussed in new interpretations. A complete model of emotion and motivation will be presented during the completion of "1001 Nights in the Global Village".



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