1001 Faces of Gangsters-or-Once Upon a Time in the Global Village

The Hollywood Crime Factory -or- Criminal Graphic Violence  

The Hollywood dream factory produces crime films, gangster films and noir films, these films do not only play out on the silver screen, these fictionalized criminal types of activities also play out in real life and in our dreams. The "Godfather" films, "Once Upon a Time in America" and "Gangs of New York" all provide a cinematic taste of "organized crime" and "gangsters" in America. 

The dream interpretation "Bete Noir: Made in Canada" shows that this criminal type of social phenomena is also found in Canada. Most likely where-ever we travel on the planet, "crime syndicates" haunt everyday people in real life and in their dreams. Below is a dream from a young woman living in "Great Britain" (GB) where English (UK) gangs seem to also threaten everyday life. Here is the dream, the criminal graphic violence of this "spatter" dream, speaks for itself and needs no further explanation or interpretation;

Vicky, 20 British University Student 

This dream took place in my old school (I'm now at University), which was an all girls school. My twin and I were also dressed identically with the same haircut and everything.  There were gangsters in my school and they were looking for me, I was hiding for a while in the sand pit for the long-jump with some of my friends (who were not at the school in real life, I have met them since). Then I was hiding behind one of the curtains in the hall and I did something which made one of the gangsters find me and pull me out. 

There were two of them dressed identically in black and white stripey suits with red ties and black pork-pie hats with a white band on them. One of the gangsters was aiming a big gun at my twin sister and talking about how she'd stitched them up.  He said he was going to punish her and I was really scared and upset because I thought he was going to kill her, then he swung round and said that he was going to kill me as her punishment, then he shot me in the face. It didn't hurt because I died, but I could see my surroundings as I fell to the ground. When I hit the floor, I could feel the roof of my mouth had gone and there was blood pouring into my mouth from my nasal cavity.  Then I woke up.

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