Cyborg Manifesto-or-Cyber-symbolism of the Left and Right Hand

Death and the Right Hand -or- Handshakes in Everyday Life

The use of the hand in everyday life is an important human symbol and tool. When we pay for whatever we purchase, we use our hands. Right now, I am typing with my hands/fingers. More so yesterday when I was golfing, than today, I shook a number a people's hands. Although come to think of it, today I shook the hand of a fellow female psychologist. 

While Freud believed human upright posture to be a significant behavioural evolutionary development, I believe that "handedness" may have been as significant if not more significant in the evolutionary and cultural development of human consciousness and dreaming. 

The classic social anthropological work on "handedness" was done by Robert Hertz "Death and the Right Hand". The differential anthropological symbolism of sacred and profane, left and right, life and death also provides the dualistic foundation for brain lateralization of speech, thought and emotional functioning. 

The dream below features a "cyborg" woman who accesses the "Pentagon's database" with her "left hand". In "A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century" Donna Haraway attempts to poetically move away from patriarchal language and Oedipal dream structure by using the "cyborg" metaphor. Cyborgs do not dream of the patriarchal (read Oedipal) family. Here is the "cyborg" dream; 

Linda 31, British 

I was a cyborg, I logged into the Pentagon's database using my left hand (I am right handed) on an access point in a 'control room' (it was not in the Pentagon itself) and scanned for useful data, I found nothing of real note with the exception that the 'alien' conspiracy was a cover for the detention and experimentation on of human beings. I laughed with one of the people nearby (other military personnel) that in America they (the results of military experimentation/upgrading) get laughed at and called mad, where are 'we' get honors and the best medical care available. The man laughed with me and pointed out the primitive level of their advancement, which lead me to consider internally if maybe the Pentagon did NOT house the whole of Americas military intel. For some reason the number '7' was in my mind. 

The Magic Number + or - 7 -or- The American Pentagon of Computer Power 

The IIDR has written a number of dream interpretations about American military intelligence (read "OTC's Top Secrets" and "The Stargate Program" The cover up of some of the human experimentation that you speak of by the US military is known today as "Project MKULTRA" From a popular film perspective the "Bourne" trilogy provides a cinematic view of the reach of the CIA and the Pentagon and their so-called "black ops programs" God forbid the truth be revealed. 

Lewis Mumford "The Myth of the Machine Vol II: The Pentagon of Power" believed that social organization via technology and media has advanced to the (post-modern) point that complete surveillance and psychological "command and control"  of society had become a technological possibility. In your dream, much like the "cyberpunk" dream hackers in the film "The Matrix" you hack into the Pentagon's dbase to scan the data of America's military intelligence

The number 7 is in fact seen as an important "magical" number. The cognitive psychologist George A. Miller published a paper "The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information",_Plus_or_Minus_Two which proposed the cognitive limits of human working memory. The analogy of the human brain, computers, and AI will be explored in a variety of dream interpretations planned in the future of "1001 Nights in the Global Village".   

Postscript: Cyberwarfare and US Cyber Command 

America does in fact have the United States Cyber Command that conducts military operations in cyberspace. Cyber-security operations against cyberwarfare has also been set up in countries such as Britain as well. The film "Live Free or Die Hard" starring Bruce Willis shows the audience the potentially destructive effects of cyber-warfare. 

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