Interpretation of Dreams -or- In the Blink of an Eye: Part 2

Dreamwork Process -or- Dream, Art and the Human Condition

In Lynn Gamwell (ed) "Dreams 1900 -2000: Science, Art, and the Unconscious Mind", we can find Gamwell telling her readers; "Early-twentieth-century artists were quick to realize, as Freud himself suggested, that the process by which the unconscious mind produces a dream-the dreamwork-is analogous to the process by which an artist creates metaphors and other symbolic forms."  

Gamwell also states; "A key feature of Freud's dream theory for modern art is his claim that dreams are primarily visible and only secondarily verbal. Disputes about which have more power-words or images-are very old, originally theological, debates about whether ultimate reality is better described in the words of a sacred text or embodied in an icon. This theme has been recast through the secularism of the twentieth century into debates about whether the source of meaning of the human condition-the unconscious mind has a visual or a verbal structure." 

The International Institute for Dream Research (IDR) has attempted through its articles and especially its dream interpretations to illustrate the cultural, historical, literary symbolic, poetic, dramatic (joke work and grief work), spiritual (soul work), secular and artistic process found in the dreamwork of people who have lived on the planet since recorded time. The IIDR is dedicated to make the dreamwork process in both its creative light and destructive dark aspects visible for all to see. 

The artwork found at the IIDR website includes an increasingly diverse variety and collection of art and art forms, including for example; fine art, popular art, avant guard, and the surreal. This interpretation discusses the artwork found in Gamwell's book and visually organizes the "dreamsceen" upon which these objets d'art visual images are projected. I have added a few images like "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" to round out the story. 

The Night Gallery of Dreamwork -or- In the Blink of an Eye: Part 2 

The images found in the theatre above are associated to the individual visual frames below. The first two images are "The Dream Theatre" and a collage of "Night Gallery" and then the 10 frames follow. The visual collage of dream images as told by the 10 different artists is intended to be seen as a visual film of the imagination told in 10 frames, as seen "in the blink of an eye". 

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