Medieval Allegory in the Global Village -or- Star Wars and Se7en

Poetics of Virtue vs Vice -or- Philanthropic versus Misanthropic Dreams 

Medieval allegories philologically combined the Western classical with the Biblical traditions. Many of the early and late great medieval allegories were poetically based in whole or in part on dream visions

Psychomachia by Prudentius features the Christian allegorical moral conflict of the poetic forces in the soul of "virtue" versus "vice". Much like in the modern Hollywood dream factory space opera franchise "Star Wars", this moral medieval battle of good versus evil is won by the forces of good.   

Freud had re-worked and re-wrote this Biblical and ethical idea, and transformed, recruited and employed it in the service of the modern medical humanities (psychotherapeutic) battle against psychological illnesses. Many of the dream interpretations posted at the International Institute for Dream Research website speak of the medical humanities battle against "psychopathology". 

The psychological battle for an "empathetic" civilization is on going, and is personified by the poetic faces and emotional forces of benevolence versus malevolence, love versus hate, good versus evil, virtue versus vice, philanthropy versus misanthropy, empathy versus psychopathy, altruism versus egotism. Dream interpretations that outline the philanthropic and empathetic problem include; 

The poetic currency of the philanthropic virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity (Love) can be found in dreams; 

The modern poetic currency of misanthropy, vice and evil is featured in the popular neo-noir film "Se7en", where a sadistic serial killer's murders correspond to the "seven deadly sins": Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Lust, Pride, Sloth and Wrath. Many of these misanthropic feelings, poetic imaginings and psychological problems can be found in our dreams, here are some; 

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