Breast Feeding in Lithuania -or- Dreaming of Motherhood

As the dream interpretation "The Secret Source of Femininity" shows, it is not only women who dream about having breasts, men can also have such dreams. While men give their donation to the fertility process that nature has built into the reproduction of the human species, women are the ones who gestate the growing foetus and give birth. Dreams have likely played an important role in the psychological development of the biological and social processes of the bond between mother and its child for countless millenia. Breast feeding is the primal sign of the bond between mother and child that grows after the umbilical cord that played the interuterine life giving role is cut and gives way to the breast. 

Here (below) is one dream that shows how the dreaming mind is preparing Annia for the miracle that is motherhood. The dream means exactly what it says, Annia's thought and desire is to become a mother. The fact that Annia is confused when she wakes up, indicates that her conscious mind is not yet prepared to become a mother and/or she still has not found a suitable mate. Tammy Wynette's "You Make Me want to be a Mother" seems to fit the primal sentiment of the dream.  

Annia, 23 single Lithuanian 

Quite often I'm dreaming that I'm pregnant or giving birth. It's very interesting what that supposed to mean. And last night I even dream that I'm breastfeeding and I was so scared to give breast for baby and it was so strange feeling when baby start drink, than I wake up, felling confused. What that dreams supposed to mean? 

Further Reading: 

  • Patricia Garfield, "Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams"
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