The Beautiful and the Grotesque-or-Female Body in Dreams: Part 2

The Feminine Body Myth -or- Feminine Dreams and Nightmares

The synoptic interpretation, "The Human Body -or- Multidisciplinary Dream Research of Dream Vision" provides a cultural psychodynamic perspective for understanding how modern body images found in dreams are produced. Women's modern myth making body images found in dreams remain "schizotypal", divided between the mythopoetic dreams of beauty and the nightmares of the grotesque. The literary anatomy of women's imagination in its light and dark mythopoetic sides can be revealed when researching women's dreams. 

I. Anatomy of the Female Beauty Myth in the Global Village 

II. Feminist Literary Criticism and the Dark Side of Femininity

Women's alienation can be made audible and visible using dreams. A feminist literary reading of women's dreams, illustrates the grotesque realism found in many women's dreams. Here are some the dream interpretations that speak about what Kate Millett called "Sexual Politics", which from a women's dreams perspective creates the literary anatomy of the grotesque.


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