The Sixth Sense -or- Ghost Tours in the Global Village

"Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them." George Eliot

Supernatural Conversations?

About six years ago, I took my daughter to Ottawa, Canada and Quebec City before her going back to school at the beginning of September. While in Quebec City, we decided one evening to take a "ghost tour". It was entertaining to say the least. While personally I have no substantial "supernatural" beliefs about life after death, I concede, that many dreams sent to the International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR) involve the living talking to the dead. Here is one such dream; 

Sandy, 18 

My grandmother died 5 months ago. In the last few days i have dreamed about her coming to me. One dream was when i was at my godmother house she came and tapped me on the shoulder and just started talking to me, but i couldn't here what she is sayin. The second dream was she came to me and she just sat with me and held my hand. The last dream was last night when the setting this time was at my high school gym and every student was there and there was a phsyic women there and she told me i was depressed and troubled, and that there was an old lady behind me, right on cue my grandmother shows up and starts talking to me, but i still can't hear her.

Talking to the Ancestors -or- Veneration of the Dead 

Veneration and talking to the dead especially family members has been a part of ancestral dreaming for millennia. Shakespeare used dream visions and/or hallucinations to convey the element of the supernatural in his play Julius Caesar. Brutus saw Julius Caesar's ghost on two occasions after he had conspired and carried out the murder of Julius. The IIDR has placed such dreams in the interpersonal context of the living remembering and honoring (venerating) the dead, or as being haunted by the personal past. Here are the dream interpretations; 

From a popular culture perspective films such as "Ghost", "The Sixth Sense" and "The Others" all speak about dead people with "unfinished business" in life.


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