Ancient Eygptian History -or- Thutmose IV Dream Stele

Egyptology -or- The Ancient Sphinx of Giza 

Part of the five books of Moses, the Biblical book of Genesis records the stories of Abraham the founder of monotheism and later Joseph who was sold into Egyptian slavery. Joseph had a gift in understanding and interpreting dreams. Later the Bible recounts Moses an abandoned Hebrew child who was adopted by Egyptian royalty only to become an Egyptian prince. Moses would politically rise up against the Egyptian Pharoah freeing the Israelites from bondage in search of Yahweh's promised land.

It is believed, that the ancient Egyptian civilization existed well before the founder of monotheism Abraham lived, ca. 2000BC. It has been speculated as to which Pharoah reigned during the Biblical time of Moses, was it Thutmose III (reign 1479-1425 BC), or as others say, was it Pharoah Ramesses II (ca. 1303-1213 BC). Take your pick. The Hollywood dream factory's "The Ten Commandments" staring Charlton Heston as Moses, answer was Ramesses (Yul Brynner) being the Egyptian Pharoah in question. Immanuel Velikowsky "Ages in Chaos" cast doubt on the chronologies of our received ancient Egyptian and ancient Hebrew history. Velikowsky while strongly criticized for his re-visions of history, did in fact point to the need for historical revision. 

Egyptologists believe that the mythological statuesque creature known as the Great Sphinx of Giza was built ca 2500 BC. The sphinx and its riddle would find an answer provided by the ancient Greek mythological figure Oedipus. The tale reflects the Western mythological transition away from the ancient Egypian mythology of the cosmos to the one of the ancient Greek mythology and the Olympian gods. 

There is some certainty about the date that Pharoah Thutmose IV erected the "Dream Stele" ca. 1401 BC. While resting in the shade of the god Ra the then prince had a dream at the moment when the sun had reached its zenith. In the reported dream the Egyptian god spoke to him as a father speaks to a son. Prince Thutmose is promised kingship by the god, if he uncovers the Sphinx whose limbs have been covered in sand. After the excavation, the Dream Stele was placed between the front paws.


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