Just Do It -or- The Joy of Playing

Joy and Happiness -or- Play, the Inner Child, and Oh What a Feeling

When I was growing up as an adolescent I remember that some in my peer group felt that small interests were a psychological sign of small minds. I never believed that for a moment. Some of the simplest things in life could bring the greatest joy and happiness into one's life. Here is one such dream of a person who seems happy (at least in his dreams) doing something that he probably did when he was a lot younger. While I am usually loath to provide commercial advertising, Nike's trademark "Just Do It" says it all. 

Danial 36, Canadian 

Recurrent dream: Doing a wheelie with and without hands on bars around the neighborhood for blocks. Feelings of competency and joy. The feeling of joy was most prominent. 

Remembering the Joy of Childhood Play -or- Self Control and Competence 

The dream is child like, perhaps representing the joy of playing and daydreaming as a child or adolescent. Unfortunately as we grow up many loose that intrinsic sense of playing that generates happiness. Ernst Kris had conceptualized the idea of "regression in the service of the ego", which your dream seems to actively represent. However there also appears to be more to the dream, that goes beyond the joyous sentiments of your inner child. Your sense of mastery and competency that you feel seems also significant. Self efficacy and the sense of self control both in one's dreams and in reality is an important aspect of mental health and emotional well being. From a popular film music perspective Irene Cara's "What a Feeling" (watch video) fits the sentiment of your dream.


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