Weltschmerz -or- Investigationg Crying, Grief and Sadness

The Cruel World We Live In -or- Psychological Pain in the Global Village

The feelings of "Weltschmerz" are found in many other dream interpretations posted at the IIDR website. Many ask why do people cruelly inflict physical and psychological pain on others? Why do people commit murder? What sort of people are these anyway? Here is one person and her dream who feels great sadness about "the world we live in today". 

Leslie 35, American 

Last night I dreamed of people who had been murdered and their bodies were hung from the stop lights at one intersection. There were 8 bodies, bloody and some of them had been hung upside down males and females. I could still see the bodies hanging from the stop lights from my house. The police came to take them down and one of them, a young man with a cowboy hat on was still alive. He was standing upright and speaking to the police. He had blood all over his face and I remember thinking in my dream how could that be. The murders were so brutal and violent how could he have survived I did not witness these murders in my dream I just came upon them when I drove up to the intersection. I remember feeling a great sadness that there are people like this in the world we live in today and I started to cry and be filled with overwhelming greif. I woke up after that. 

Profiling Murderers and Psychopaths -or- Investigationg Violence and Brutality 

Police investigations in reality and literary fiction gather evidence, search for witnesses, analyse blood, interview victims, perform autopsies. This police detective work day in and day out most likely takes its toll also on investigators, who at one point in their career most likely have similar reactions as yourself. In order to stay human it is sometimes difficult not to desensitize oneself from the overwhelming grief caused by the inhuman acts of murderers. 

The police investigation process is most likely going on somewhere on the planet as we speak. The global statistics reportedly tell us that very close to 500,000 people were intentionally murdered on the planet in 2004. This means there were close to 1400 murders everyday. The 2012 statistics suggest a drop to 466,078. These murder statistics are defined by the idea of intentional planning, "malicious forethought" and behaviour. Imagine the crying, grief and sadness these murders caused.... 

Joseph H. Berke "The Tyranny of Malice: Exploring the Dark Side of Character and Culture" informs the reader in the opening sentence of his introduction, that; "Our capacity for destruction lies in the origins of our malice." Many cold blooded murderers are plain and simply psychopaths who lack any measure of empathy towards other people. What is behaviourally measureable is their great quantities of hatred, malice, schadenfreude and intent toward grievous harm. Criminal psychological profiling has become part of forensic science. Many wear what Hervey M. Cleckley called "The Mask of Sanity" which then presents an investigative problem. 

The fact that you still see the bodies from your house, suggests that you were perhaps watching the news on TV or through a window of your computer, this might have been the catalyst for the dream. While usually I try to avoid selecting the distinctive words and concepts "normal" and "abnormal", when it comes to murder I will make an exception. Your crying, sadness and grief are a normal human response to seeing an abnormal situation.


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