Headline News in the Global Village-or-Dream Vision News: Part 2

Literacy of the Human Condition-or-Media Content in Collective Memory and Dreams   

Literacy is an important epistemological tool to understand the psychodynamics of dream visions of Western and Eastern cultures. Collective memory and the collective unconscious (read dreams) are informed everyday by a multitude of global media channels of information, which influences our everyday dream work. 

The newspaper is one such media information channel. The Associated Press is a media conglomerate with a global reach. Research into media influence has often turned to "content analysis" to understand the effects of media. What has been under-reported, some might say publically censored are the effects of media on our dreams. One of the few exeptions is Charlotte Beradt's "Third Reich of Dreams". 

From a dream research perspective, Calvin Hall and Robert Van de Castle pioneered the use of "content analysis" to understand the meaning of dreams. The content analysis of dreams is one technique, psychoanalysis is another. Other social scientific tools such as Erving Goffman's "frame analysis", as well as Gaston Bachelard's "topoanalysis" can also be applied to the text of a dream. 

Using all these tools, we are in search of what E.D. Hirsch calls "Cultural Literacy". Only when we understand the cultural language of all dreams, will we be truly culturally literate. Until then our understanding will remain superficial, and for the most part we will be lost in the cultural translation. 

As McLuhan states in "Understanding Media"; "It is thus necessary to state at once that "human interest" is a technical term meaning that which happens when multiple book pages or multiple information items are arranged in a mosaic on one sheet." The dream is the perfect medium to illustrate the "human interest" story. The social problem with news headlines and their stories is that they often are superficial, shallow and lack communicative depth to understand the true dynamics of the mosaic of 7 billion+ human interest stories at work in the global village. 

Said differently, newspapers have become communal vehicles for commercial advertising. Dreams seen as "human interest" stories provides a unique psychodynamic "point of view" of the "human condition", that most if not all newspapers have yet to master. 

The closest that newspapers come to reporting such depth psychological processing is when they run a series of articles that discuss various aspects of the news topic they are featuring. Newspapers seldom discuss dreams and if they do, they are usually superficial like the newspapers content itself. The social problem of the massive under-reporting of dreams and nightmares will hopefully change in the future. 

Anyone reading in the IIDR dream interpretation section, can quickly see the depth psychological difference of the "mosaic" of "human interest" stories and perspectives as viewed through the cultural optics and acoustics of our dreams. Dreams provide insight into the psychodynamics of cultures, the culture industries and the cultural idioms circulating in the marketplace of thoughts and ideas in the global village. Here are the A-Z headline news; 

Hamilton Spectator -or- Media Mosaic of a Canadian Community 

Newspaper headlines are attention catching literary devices, like the New York Times 9/11 front page story "U.S. ATTACKED". Below, are A-Z headlines found in the Hamilton Spectator on Sepember 25, 2012. The headlines are associated to dream interpretations found at the IIDR website to emphasize the difference in headlines and the depth of processing of the "human interest" stories. 

Advertising: "Classified" (see also "Market"). The phantasmagoria of consumer services and products are advertised in the newspaper. Here are dream interpretations associated to the advertisements and the "classified" section;

Anti-Semitism: "Iranian president brushes off threats" (A12); The President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmandinejad says that Israel will eventually be "eliminated."

Births: "Create a keepsake your baby will treasure one day...: ANNOUNCING THE ‘BUNDLE OF JOY' BIRTH NOTICE PACKAGE " (C1)

Bullying/Assualt: "11-year-old gets ruffed up at hackathon" (A13), "Woman Attacked by Gang of Girls" (A2)

Cars and Trucks: "Transportation" (C4)

Cartoons: "Hagar the Horrible" (G11)

Chess: "Chess Quiz" (A8)

Crime: "Teens Charged with Torching Barn, Garage" (A4) 

Dear Abby: "Tall Man's Big Heart Left Aching" (G2)

Drugs: "Drug-plaqued apartments keep cops hopping" (A1)

Elvis: Priscilla Presley says; "It will always be Elvis" (G3)

Faces, in the news: "HALL OF FAME" (A1); Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame

Fashion: "Strike it Rich: Darker hues sparkle in the fall light" (G1)

"Horoscopes" (G2)

"Markets" (A14)

Movies: "Top 10 Movies" (G4), "World Film Festival" (S3)

Music, Canadian: "Record store icon spins last tune." (A13). Sam the Record Man passes on;

Obituary/Death; (C1-C2)

Pro-Life vote in Canada (A10)

Quebec Mafia; ‘This is not the movies...' (A10). Joseph Pistone testifies at the Charbonneau Inquiry. Pistone's story was featured in the film "Donny Brasco" staring Johnny Depp.

Sleep Apnea; "Learn about sleep apnea" (A3)

Television: "Look Who's Talking" (G4). Features TV talk shows and their quests are highlighted. Barack Obama was slated to be on "The View".


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