The Hidden Order of Art -or- Dream Vision, A New Art Form?

Telepathic Dreams in a Small World -or- Artistic Dialogue in the Global Village

Numerous people who have visited the International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR) have voiced the feeling that synchronicity, or pre-cognition may be at work after they have read some of the material found at the website. I would never discount such ideas. I do believe in the existence of telepathic dreams, and I personally attempt to keep such communication channels open only to my close friends and family. Freud believed that the phenomena of telepathic dreams existed, he also believed that a scientific explanation would be found in the future. 

Last night I returned from Washington DC where I was doing some research and early this morning I had a dream that was different from my usual ways of dreaming; In the dream, I was talking to a young man in a parking lot. We were talking about Field Notes of a Dream Researcher, he told me in a rather excited fashion, that he knew what I was doing, that I was developing a "new art form". I said to him, that's exactly right. While I often talk to other people in my dreams, these people are almost always known to me, this person was not. 

One of the readers in the last year who has visited the IIDR website and facebook page "Field Notes of a Dream Researcher" has clued into the avant guard artistic aspect of the the website and the Field Notes. The whole artistic, philosophical, scientific and romantic scope of "1001 Nights in the Global Village" will unfold and be revealed with each new Field Note. What I am revealing to you the reader is what Anton Ehrenzweig has called "The Hidden Order of Art". 

So while this young man may have intuitively contacted me, and his enthusiasm is much appreciated, unfortunately I just don't have the time to talk to everyone individually. Thank you for the constructive feedback whoever you may be. Field Notes is my way of talking to everyone on the planet on an individual level. For those of you who have noticed, usually the introduction of a dream interpretation posted at the IIDR website speaks to you the reading audience first, then my voice changes and I speak to the person that had the dream. This double voicing is intended to create a sublime polyphonic conversation about the nature and dynamics of dream vision. And should this artistic dialogue  and conversation begin to grow, then it can only lead to one thing...a philosophical, scientific and artistic revolution in dreaming on our planet. 

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