Dreams of a Spirit-Seer -or- Swedenborg's Calling All Angels

Journal of Dreams -or- The Transformation of Matter to Spirit

In "Dreams of a Spirit-Seer", the German Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant took a skeptical approach to the writings of the philosopher and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg. What are we to make out of the dreams and visions that Swedenborg recorded in his "Journal of Dreams" and other works? Swedenborg believed that angels and spirits were present in everyday life, and in this sense, he was interested in creating a theory that encompassed matter, spirit and the cosmological process of creation. Swedenborg also believed that the true Christ-ian religion had been obfuscated by centuries of Church doctrine. Swedenborg's view of the Bible, he sees it as a creation myth of the human transformation from a material into a spiritual being. 

In "Earths in the Universe" published in 1758 Swedenborg believed that other planets existed in the universe and were inhabited by what we call today extra-terrestrial life. The first planet outside our solar system was scientifically discovered in 1992, nearly 250 years after Swedenborg's intuition of their existence. Reportedly twenty years later (October 2012) 843 planets have been revealed. Swedenborg evidently struggled with self love, what today is called "narcissism" and the need for the love of God. Swedenborg reportedly held other beliefs such as the existence of an afterlife and what are today called "near death experiences". This phenomena has also received increased neuroscientific investigation. The popular culture film "Flatliners" dramatizes the search for answers to the question of what lies beyond death. 

In art, music, literature and dreams the idea of angels endures. Swedenborg's idea of angels influencing everyday life has also found a home in numerous Hollywood dream factory films. Many Hollywood stars have taken on a dramatic role in the supernatural tales of angels and humans in such films as; "The Bishop's Wife" (starring Cary Grant as the angel), "It's a Wonderful Life" (starring James Stewart who is saved by Henry Travers as the angel), "All That Jazz" (starring Jessica Lange as the angel), "Michael" (starring John Travolta as the angel), "Heaven Can Wait" (starring Buck Henry as the guardian angel) and "City of Angels"  (Nicholas Cage as the angel who decides to become human because he has fallen in love with a human woman Meg Ryan) to name a few. From a popular music perspective "Calling All Angels" by Train fits the sentiment of such dreams. 

Here is an example of a Swedenborg "God, angels, or demons" type dream from a 20 year old North American student (female) sent to the International Institute for Dream Research; 

"About two weeks ago I dreamed this dream that I can't get out of my head.  

In this dream me and my little sister were packing this bag, I don't remember what we were putting in it but i remember thinking how so important packing this bag was. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it packed. I would put it off or couldn't find what i was lookin for. All i knew was that something big was about to happen and i had to be ready, but i couldn't. I didn't know what it was. Then all of a sudden there was this loud noise, it sounded like a trumpet so loud everyone could hear it. I walked into my living room and people almost like ghosts came running out from every corner of the room running outside. I remember my sister saying to me come on Louise lets go. But everytime i would start for the door, i'd turn around and go back for something that i had forgot. I remember thinking I got to get outside, I got to hurry, but they'll wait. When I got outside, It was to late. I had been left behind.  But i wasn't by my self, there were hundreds of people in my yard looking to the sky. I remember seeing preachers and good people who were left behind with me.  I remember thinking to my self, there was a God, I didn't want to believe but it was true. Then someone said who will lead us to God?  And I stood up and stood on this stump that was on the back of this truck and all i remember is thinkin I will get though what is about to happen and i will help anyone who will follow me. I felt the devil and it was strong. Then i woke up.   The only reason it bothers me so much is because the only times i remember my dreams is if it has to do with God, angels, or demons."

For those wanting to experience a modern meditative dream vision of traveling in the cosmos read the IIDR interpretation; "Meditation and the Star Makers Universe". The song by Sara MsLachlan "In the Arms of an Angel" is featured the dream interpretation "City of Angels". 

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