It's a Small World -or- Remembering the Boston Marathon 2013

Having lived in the Hamilton area for 18 years, the "Around the Bay Road Race" is well known to me. As a matter of fact the race passes very close to where I live. The race is the oldest long distance road race in North America. The Boston marathon is one of the best known road races in the world. In 2013 nearly 27,000 people were reportedly entered in the race. The race took place on April 15, 2013 and at 249PM two bombs were detonated killing three and injuring hundreds of others. That day, I was returning home from golfing and listened to the news on Prime Time Sports, that discussed nothing else than what was happening in Boston. A few days later I had my closing dinner for the curling season and was surprised to hear that one of the members of my team was in the Boston marathon and had finished the race 20 minutes before the bombs went off! His wife was also there, both returned back to Canada fine. It is a small world that we live in. Many reportedly are already reporting post-taumatic stress and rest assured some will be experiencing post-traumatic nightmares. Below is a dream sent in late February 2013 to the International Institute for Dream Research, is it just a coincidence or a pre-cognitive premonitory dream? Here is the dream; 

"I was walking along a beach, alone, when i suddently realized that i was being followed by someone (human form but unable to identify), i started walking faster and he started walking faster, i started running towards the city and he started running trying to get me." 

Either way, once more we remember such past traumatic tragedies like Oklahoma City (read "Memorial to the Oklahoma City Bombing"), Columbine, Oslo (read "Neo-Nazis in Oslo") and 9/11. Once more premeditated psychopathic killers are terrorizing innocent civilians with their "evil" psychotic hatreds. Will the vicious cycle of generational hatreds ever come to an end? Said differently, are we fated and destined to race towards some nightmaric form of apocalyptic Biblical armaggedon?

Further Reading:

  • Michael Baigent, "Racing Toward Armageddon: The Three Great Religions and the Plot to End the World"
  • Mel Hurtig, "Rushing to Armaggedon"


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