Haunted - or - The Gothic Return of Repressed Memories

Dreamer: Anita, 33, North American female

I would just like to sleep without dreaming. I have different dreams each night, but I have a couple that keep recurring:

  1. I am in a house that I know is mine, but I'm not familiar with it. It's always a large house that is absolutely beautiful. I keep finding rooms that I didn't know existed, and there is always a section of the house I am afraid to go into because it's haunted.
  2. I am back in high school, and I keep forgetting where my classes are and what my locker combination is. Everybody else knows what's going on except for me. I have been an avid dreamer for all of my life. Every morning I wake up exhausted because my dreams keep me so active all night. My dreams are very surreal, and there have been many psychic premonitions throughout my life. I wish I could make the dreaming stop. I'm tired of waking up tired. It's affecting my life and my productivity. I've tried a massage before bed, relaxing tea, warm baths, clearing my head of all events, etc. Nothing works.

Mr. Hagen's Reply: Haunted or Repressed Memories

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however, you will always dream.

Dreaming is hardwired into your brain. Clinical studies have shown that it is extremely unhealthy to interrupt ones nightly dreaming. Your use of tea, warm baths and massages are good ways to relax.

Louis Breger's book "The Effect of Stress on Dreams" points to the fact that one must also learn to relax the mind and not only the body. Stress management skills surrounding the workload of the mind are of equal importance. There are many websites that provide information and help.

As for the dreams that you sent... they seem to indicate that there is a need to begin to "know thyself". The house is a symbol/metaphor for the mind...there seem to be rooms in your mind which you didn't know existed. As for the high school dream, it seems as though you have forgotten your adolescent days (for whatever reason?). We all have a need to grow and expand our horizons; you are for some reason resisting that process (out of fear?). Ghosts can represent and personify repressed memories and these memories are haunting you. Only by reanimating these memories and confronting them will the process of growth and development lead to maturation.

Hope these thoughts are of help and provide some insight,
Mark H.

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