Alone in Puerto Rico -or- Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

Are You Lonesome Tonight -or- One is the Loneliest Number 

Elvis asked; "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" (watch music video). The feelings of emotional pain and loneliness are evident in dream reported below. Clearly, "One is the Loneliest Number" (watch music video). The dream represents one more "Ex-File", a failed relationship filled with painful feelings and memories which remain unresolved, which can only influence future relationships. In the dream, Jo is bitten twice, there are two ex-boyfriends. As the cultural idiom says, "once bitten, twice shy." Clearly, Jo's "Ex-File" feelings and memories are not under her control and are driving her emotionally crazy (to the hospital)? Learning prudence in intimate (read sexual) relationships is well illustrated in Hans Balding Grien's painting of "Prudence" (found in the theatre above).

 Jo, 24 Puerto Rican 

I was in a car and two ex-boyfriends were on the front seats. I was on the back seat with my dog. Suddenly a snake bit me and when it tried to bit my dog I protected her and bit me again. Finally I grabbed the snake by the neck until suffocating it. They drove me to the hospital but they left me alone there.

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