In Loving Memory

Dreamer: Faith, 39, North American female

We all experience loss in our lifetime. With loss comes grieving, which becomes part of the emotional territory. Here is a dream that talks about the loss of a loved one.


As I understand, I am "donating" my dream for your research. For as long as I can remember, I have always had vivid dreams. The most recent dream that has bothered me quite a bit, and the theme that has been recurrent in other dreams, deals with the death of my mother which occurred almost five years ago.

Here I go: My mom for some reason is alive even though we thought she died. My mom is very upset that my father got remarried and tells me that I promised not to let him get married so soon. We are in a small, white room with a green metallic chair in the corner and my mom is lying on a small bed. She is bald (like she was during chemotherapy). I am just trying to hug her and console her, but she won't let me. My dad comes in and tries to reassure her that she can be their maid and still live at home. I open the room and look out and it appears to look like what I would picture a mental institution to look like. This is where my dream ended. I was rather distressed by this. I am writing this from my friend's computer.

Mr. Hagen's Reply: In Loving Memory -or- Mother's Song

Sorry for your loss. Most people forget that on the headstones of the departed most inscriptions read "in loving memory". Your mother is not dead in your memory. Your father has apparently moved on in his life. You see your mother as not very pleased with you or your father (in the dream you promised not to let him get married so soon) as her memory has been transformed into a housemaid role.

Everyone grieves in different ways. It is unfortunate that children get drawn or feel themselves drawn into parental problems and conflicts, I guess they always have and always comes with the territory.

An interesting popular music video posted to You Tube is Nora Auner's Mother Song.

Hope these thoughts are of help and provide some insight,
Mark H.

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