Memorial to the Oklahoma City Bombing

Dreamer: Jessie, 32, American female

I used to dream about my mother still being in the Murrah Building after it was bombed and I couldn't get her out. I still see the smoke when I drive by, to this day. I also have dreamt that my mother was out there somewhere and doesn't know who she is. We were not allowed to see my mother so I don't know if it was her that we buried or not. You know, all of these wounds go so deep, and the world says that we should be well by now and our lives should be back on track. Little do they know, that it just isn't that easy.

I cry most every day.

Mr. Hagen's Reply: A Memorial to the Oklahoma City Bombing

Your dream seems to indicate that you are trying to cope with what is termed "post traumatic stress." Were there any group counseling sessions provided? Was there a critical incident stress debriefing done?

Jessie's Reply

I am in counseling and I have been since October 95. I still have my up and down days, here lately more down than up.

Thanks for listening.


Since receiving this dream the Oklahoma City Memorial dedicated to the victims of the bombing was opened by President Bush. You can watch a documentary of the Oklahoma City bombing (see video).

Hope these thoughts are of help and provide some insight,
Mark H.

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