Theosophy in India -or- Your Daily Horoscope

Dreamer: Sara, 55, Indian female

The Sign of Virgo -or- Surrealism and Kabbalistic Mysticism 

In my first apartment as a student at the University Zurich, one of the first posters that I put up on one of the walls, was a picture by the artist Johfra Bosschart of the "astrological star sign"  "Virgo". For me, Bosschart's  visual artwork of Virgo (see picture) illustrates the cosmological surreal energies and kabbalistic mystical communication at work in the universe. 

In 1989 a Swiss girl friend who I had known since my first days at University gave me a computer generated horoscope. The company today can be found on the Internet under the same banner "Astro*Intelligence". Certainly the lengthy report that I still have, was amusing to read. While I do not subscribe to astrological readings, fortune tellers, tarot readings or believe in the prophecy of the Chinese restaurant's "fortune cookie", they certainly are entertaining. 

Below is a dream from a woman living in India, where astrological beliefs are commonplace. Here is Sara's dream; 

Sara, 55, Indian female 

I have seen few dreams earlier and found subsequently that the dreams are becoming reality over period of time. I dreamt that I am sitting on stairs of Third Floor at house of my parents in Delhi. In that house there are glass windows and I saw that a plane in disbalance state passed very close to window. I tried to see the plane and noticed that as soon as it passed near first multi-storey building it collapsed, when the plane reached the second building it also collapsed and the same happened with third building, like this I saw lot of destruction like a city being destroyed. 

Mr Hagen's Reply: Theosophy in India -or- Planes of Reality 

I have provided a number of ideas that might help to understand your dream. 

Millions of people get up each morning searching the newspaper to find their horoscopes. The word horoscope (both Western and Eastern forms) has been defined as the observation of birth, death and destiny. Fortune-tellers have made their livelihoods by producing prophecies through the occult arts of divination (foretelling the future). These collective psychological phenomena have been passed down since the beginnings of time. Your dream may be related to "theosophy" which means the knowledge of divine things. Theosophy incorporates a set of religious occult beliefs of Brahmanism and Buddhism. 

In your dream you are looking out of the window (there is a metaphoric expression that the "eyes" are the windows of the soul) and you see the plane in a state of unbalance. It has been speculated by most religions that there are numerous levels or "planes" of reality. 

Astrology is interested in how the movements of the universe influence human destiny. For a more modern view of your dream see Fred Alan Wolf's "The Dreaming Universe". Wolf provides a scientific explanation for your dream. Wolf shows how modern physics can provide answers to age old problems of understanding space, time and reality as they relate to dreams. Wolf attempts to explain transpersonal, telepathic and lucid dreams using quantum physical models. Wolf hypothesizes that the unconscious dreaming mind may have intuitive access to quantum physical reality being itself part of that reality. 

Intuition can be defined as "perception via the unconscious". That dreams have a "prospective" (foretell the future) function has been discussed since biblical times. As well, zoological (animal research) observations have shown that animals may be aware of impending natural disasters some time in advance. 

From a popular music perspective, the song "Your Horoscope Today" by "Weird Al" Yankovic is an amusing parody (watch music video).

Hope these thoughts are of help.
Mark H.


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