The International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR) provides various services to the Public. As well we ask you to donate to the IIDR to help build the Dream. Your donation will help to grow and expand the IIDR website with the aim of providing the Public with a forum to better understand dreams and dreaming.

Should you wish to arrange for services, please contact Mr. Hagen directly to confirm receipt of all services. (Serious inquiries only please: 1-289-439-3306, Internationally dial 001-289-439-3306).

Phone Consultations

Interested in a more personal and focused discussion of your dreams and concerns? Phone consultations on any matter can be arranged. You can speak directly to Mr. Hagen the Director of the International Institute for Dream Research.

The cost per hour is $100.00US. Should you only wish a shorter amount of time of fifteen minutes, this can also be arranged. Register by clicking "Buy Now" and completing the form that follows and including the topic of discussion. You can also purchase multiples of the amounts listed below after you click each denomination. Should you want to speak to Mr. Hagen for a personal consultation, please contact him directly to arrange a convenient time (1-289-439-3306, Internationally dial 001-289-439-3306).


Do you want to know what your dreams mean?

Single dream interpretations are $30 USD. Please click "Buy Now" and complete the forms that follow. Please describe the dream you want interpreted in the forms that follow. Please be sure to include any/all associations. ie., memories, thoughts, feelings, sensations. Mr. Hagen may contact you should he need further information. Mr. Hagen will send the interpretation to you in a timely fashion.

Distance Education

Duration: Eight Weeks

Students will learn the concepts of semiotics as they apply to film, theatre, literature and dreams. Various theories and methods of dream intepretation will be presented. Students will learn to apply these concepts in understanding how social reality is theatrically constructed by the cultural and social speech codes of culture industries, institutions and mass media.

Students will have approximently a total of 40 hours of reading, writing of assignments and final written exam (e-mailed by the instructor).

Each student will receive a minumum of eight hours of student-teacher contact. The teacher will contact the student on a weekly basis to monitor the student's progress. The time will be calculated based on the teacher's reading of the students weekly class assignments, review of weekly exercises in dream interpretation and final exam. The teacher will send the student a final report on the progress made in working with dreams.

A complete course outline will be sent to each student when the student has registered for the course. Special topic interests can be taken into consideration for each student.

Cost for eight week course $240.00US. A course certificate from the Institute will be sent to the student upon successful completion of the course. If you require further information, please contact the International Institute for Dream Research at

You may enroll immediately by clicking "buy now" and competing the forms that follow.


Mr Hagen can provide 1 and 2 day Seminars/Workshops (across North America) dealing with various topics includiing dream interpretation, cultural influences on dreams, literary and clinical use of dreams. Group size is limited to 20 participants. Should you be interested in setting up a seminar, please contact me at for details including cost.


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