If Looks Could Kill -or- The Murderous Gaze

Dreamer: John, 45, American male

I am standing in a window shooting a gun at someone, I yell for my wife to bring me some bullets and find her hiding in a closet making tea and asking how much sugar I want.

Mr. Hagen's Reply: The Evil Eye -or- The Murderous Gaze

"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul."
- Matthew 10:28

The window can be viewed as a metaphor (symbol) of your eyes, which are sometimes known as the windows to the soul. You seem to be angry at someone, although your target seems uncertain. Your poetic shots of anger are most likely directed at people in the way that you "look" at them i.e. when people give others a "dirty look" or perhaps even the "evil eye". These are metaphoric forms of psychological warfare and rhetorical violence.

Your wife seems to know when you get in this "frame of mind" and in consequence hides; she does however also try to calm you down by offering you tea. This would tend to indicate stress related anger. As your wife seems to suggest, some form of relaxation might be the best remedy.

Some literature that might provide more insight:

  • William Rothman, "Hitchcock-The Murderous Gaze"
  • Herbert Benson, "The Relaxation Response"
  • Beatrix Hughes, "Fight or Flight?: Mastering Problems of Everyday Life"
  • Louis Breger, "The Effect of Stress on Dreams"
  • Joost Meerloo, "Rape of the Mind"

Hope these thoughts are of help.
Mark H.

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